How To Raise A Resilient Child

(Sponsored Post) Stress and worry are things children will begin to experience as they navigate school. These feelings shouldn’t be seen as red flags, the more important thing to note is how your child handles these situations. Show your child how to handle adversity and stress with this advice from this boarding school in the South East.

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Organise alone time with your child

This can be play time where your child plays as you watch or have half an hour where you talk to your child alone about their day. This can be a time where your child can vent and talk to you about any struggles they have. Depending on how busy you get this might be broken down into smaller sections in the day, such as at bathtime, when eating breakfast and so on.

Children won’t learn resilience by themselves, so nurturing them along each step of the way will give them goals to work towards. Encourage them to express their feelings freely and make it a regular thing so that they grow in confidence.


A key part of learning about resilience is about how to control different scenarios. Exercise is a great way of giving your child the chance to make decisions on the spot and let them think on their feet. 

Kids will still continue to follow what their parents do, so give them the chance to learn from you. This can be done by making sports day events in your garden, taking them to the local park or going swimming together.

Show what you’re grateful for

Gratitude often comes part and parcel with learning resilience. Parents should remain positive, grateful and supportive when in front of their children - after all, parents are their biggest role models! 

Every day your child comes home from school you could ask them about one thing that made them happy, what new thing they learnt and if they had struggles in the day. Ask regularly enough and children will know it as a habit, be more aware of what they’re learning and how it will help them.

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