Why Does All The Tasty Food Have So Many Calories In?

I’m currently trying to lose weight. Hang on, let me reframe that in a more positive way: I am currently eating more healthily. I am going into week 5 now which is the longest I have stuck with a diet in an extremely long time. 

A colourful vegetable stir fry is not what I want to be eating

The scales are showing a gradual weight loss which is great, but there is SO MUCH food I’m not eating. Seriously. Huge amounts I’m avoiding each day compared to what I would normally eat. The reason I am having to deny myself so much is because my normal diet consists of lots of high fat and high sugar foods and my portions are too big.  Obviously being active would allow me to eat more, but it’s currently easier to eat less than it is to exercise more. Today as I was working out what to eat the thought struck me: why are there so many calories in the food I eat?

As I’m not being very active at the moment  I’m aiming to eat about 1500 calories a day, but I can easily eat 1500 calories in one meal! One very delicious meal.

I know that evolutionary speaking the time humans have existed versus the existence of a big cheesy pizza is rather different so it makes me think about what we are actually MEANT to eat.

I normally eat too much at a time. I eat too often. I eat too much sugar, fatty meats, oils and (fake) dairy products.

I don’t eat enough: beans, grains, fruits and vegetables.

And I definitely don’t move enough. Let’s face it, a cave woman who moved as little as I do would either have been eaten by a lion by now or starved to death. 

These days a sedentary lifestyle may lead to longer term health issues, but luckily it isn’t a cause of immediate death. And there is always time to get fit right?

I’m not about to take on the cave woman diet. Being much more active is a challenge too far right now too, but as I log another lunch in to my tracker app and realise my dinner is going to push me over allowance again I am reminded just how much out of sync my habits are with what my body needs and I'm hoping in time it will be easier to get the two inline.

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