The Benefits of Sports In Schools

(Sponsored Post) A lot of us have a passion for sport in our lives, whether it’s football, golf or martial arts. Many schools offer these sports for children to try during P.E. lessons or recommend centres where kids can try out different sports. 

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In schools there are a lot of benefits for students taking up sports in the many clubs and societies they have on offer. Our guide from this Sixth Form in Somerset will show you why sports are so beneficial.

Improves mental health

Raising your endorphins and heart rate improves your overall mood and feeling. Exercise has been proven to improve mental health for people of all ages and continues to be a recommendation for both children and adults to take part in. Being surrounded by other people is also seen as a way to help children remain in a positive mood that allows them to stay focused.

Improves teamwork skills

For people in school, or even beyond that in a future place of work, a lot of tasks rely on them to work with others in order to reach a goal. This happens in a lot of different sports like football and rugby where you work together to get the ball over the line. Sports like these strengthen collaboration, communication and teamwork skills, but can also improve a child’s ability to be a leader if they’re chosen as a captain of the team.

Allows your child to learn something new

A new experience for your child will give them newly added confidence, a chance to make new friends and see what they enjoy about the sport. A lot of children tend to find out if they like something or not by trying it out so it can peak their curiosity. It can show how inquisitive and creative your child is by being willing to take part in activities they’re not sure of yet, and they may find that they love it! 

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