Review & Giveaway: Sugar Coated Vegan Home Sugar Waxing Kits

(AD - Gifted) As a mum of 3 young children my beauty routine is all about convenience and efficiency, for instance semi-permanent eyeliner and tinted eyelashes save me time in the morning AND evening. When it comes to hair removal I tend to grab a razor in the shower even though I know waxing provides longer lasting results. With fine leg hair I traditionally haven’t got on very well with waxing and I haven’t wanted to grow my hair long enough that they wax easily. Even going to a salon just to have smooth legs is a luxury I can’t really afford or find time for. When Sugar Coated offered to send me some of their waxing treatments to review I thought it was time I gave waxing another try. I am also giving one away in the giveaway at the end of this post.

Photo of a waxing strip about to be pulled off for a review with the Sugar Coated packaging in the background
I received the Sugar Coated leg hair removal kit to review

About Sugar Coated

Sugar Coated was created by Rosie Khandwala who grew up in Tanzania. Having used sugar wax for many years she wanted to use it as a beauty therapist when she moved to the UK in 1987, but it wasn’t available in the UK. She saw this gap in the market and filled it, originally supplying The Body Shop and then creating her own retail brand called Sugar StripEase. More recently Sugar Coated has been created as a vegan sugar wax  focusing on eco-friendly and ethical manufacturing. 

Sugar Coated sell kits for: full body, bikini, legs, facial hair and under arm as well as talc and soothing mist. Each kit is mixed with a different essential oil except the full body kit which is just sugar syrup and water.

What makes Sugar Coated wax different?

Sugar Coated is a cruelty free Vegan sugar wax. The product is water soluble and fully biodegradable and all the packaging can be recycled.  Most sugar wax contain other ingredients including lemon juice which can sting, but Sugar Coated is just the sugar syrup, water and (for most kits) an essential oil.

Sugar Coated Leg Hair Removal Kit and contents: applicators, wax and waxing strips
The contents of Sugar Coated Leg Hair Removal Kit

Sugar Coated Leg Hair Removal Kit

I received the leg removal kit to try which contains a 200g insulated plastic pot of sugar wax, 3 wooden applicators, 15 washable and reusable strips and an instruction leaflet. The kit is designed for legs, but it can be used on all parts of the body so they include instructions for legs, upper lip, bikini line and under arm.

The sugar wax in this kit contains 3 ingredients: sugar syrup, water and rosehip oil.

An open post of Sugar Coated home sugar wax with an applicator on top
The easy to use sugar wax for legs contains just sugar syrup, water and rosehip oil

What do I think of Sugar Coated Sugar Wax?

I was really impressed. The instructions are really clear and it was easy to get started, but most importantly it was really good at removing the hairs from my legs. I haven’t tried a home waxing kit in years, but I have never had such good results. My leg hair is mostly fine and blonde. At the time of waxing the hairs were mostly between 2 and 3 mm long. Ok so my technique could do with a little bit of improvement to move systematically around my leg, but I applied the wax in the direction of hair growth, put on a strip smoothing down in the same direction, pulled it off in the other direction and the hair was no longer on my leg, but on the strip! I managed to have good results on both the easier parts of my lower leg and more challenging areas like my knees. 

The wax has to be warmed in the microwave or warm water before you start, but the insulated pot keeps it warm enough that you can probably do both your legs without reheating it. There is enough wax in the pot to allow me to do my lower legs at least twice, but this will vary depending on how thinly you manage to apply the sugar wax and technique (the better you get the longer it will last).

Applying sugar wax to my leg with a wooden applicator
Apply a thin layer of the sugar wax

A close up of a waxing strip with hair attached after being pulled off my leg
I was impressed how well Sugar Coated worked compared to other home waxing kits I have tried

Close up of a nearly clean wax strip being washed in warm water
The strips can easily be washed and reused because the sugar wax is water soluble

One of the things that has annoyed me about waxing in the past (both at home and in salons) is everything gets sticky and it’s hard to remove. You generally get given an oil based wipe to clean up, but I still find random sticky patches hours later.  As Sugar Coated is a sugar wax it is water soluble so it's really easy to clean up. Even washing the strips so they can be reused was a dream: the wax came off straight away in warm water. It makes it so easy to clean up.

I love that the Sugar Coated sugar wax is: easy to use, easy to clean up and that you can wash and reuse the waxing strips. I think it might be enough to get me away from the razor.

close up of warm sugar wax the consistency of honey dripping into the pot
The Sugar Coated sugar wax smells amazing (but don't eat it)

Whether you are a fan of Sugar Coated already or you want to try it for the first time I am giving away a kit for you to use. Enter using the Rafflecopter widget below (or if it isn’t showing click here). Giveaway closes Sunday 27th June at midnight, UK entry only. For full T&C's please see widget.

I am running 40 giveaways in the run up to my 40th birthday. This is number 2/40. Keep an eye on my blog and social media so you don't miss any.

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***Disclosure: this product and giveaway item were received for the purpose of honest review***

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