Non-Chocolate Easter Gifts for Children and Adults

If you are looking for ideas of Easter gifts that aren't chocolate (or sweets) then this Easter gift guide is for you. Here is a great selection of gift ideas for babies through to adults which are all totally chocolate free. I have handpicked lots of egg-citing gifted items which I absolutely love. Whether you want alternatives to chocolate Easter eggs or you want something longer lasting to accompany what the Easter Bunny brings I hope you love the selection of great alternative gifts as much as I do. 

A bunny shape Easter wreath with artificial flowers on next to the message "Easter Gift Ideas: Chocolate free Easter gifts for children and adults
Non-Chocolate Easter Gift Ideas

What can you give for Easter instead of chocolate?

It's become an Easter tradition to give gifts on Easter Sunday, but you don't have to give chocolate Easter eggs if you don't want too. There are lots of great Easter gifts for the whole family in this guide. For Christians Easter is the most important religious holiday of the year, but for many it is also a 
celebration of spring. Many families aren't waiting until Easter Sunday to give the perfect gift either, but instead have Easter Egg Hunts or Easter baskets filled with treats on Good Friday so they can enjoy the treats over the long Easter bank holiday weekend.

I love all the items in this guide, but please note they were gifted in exchange for being included and the post contains some affiliate links. If you make a purchase after clicking through an affiliate link I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you if you choose to do this.

 Non-Chocolate Easter Gifts For Younger Children

These toys, games, crafts and book make the perfect alternative Easter gifts to more chocolate eggs.

Babies and Toddlers Easter Gifts

Chicco 2 in 1 Transform-a-Ball

Recommended for ages 12 to 36 months this toy from Chicco’s Eco+ range is made from 80% recycled plastic. The white centre piece comes with 10 plastic pieces that easily slot on to it making a colourful ball shape, but you can also slot them together in a variety of different ways and make different shapes. The pieces are super chunky and make a great gift for a 2 year old to help with cognitive and fine motor skills. In fact I’m pretty sure that parents will enjoy seeing what shapes they can create themselves including cars and animals. Available from Kiddies KingdomAmazon and other toy shops.

Chicco transform a ball toddler toy next to the box on a yellow backgroun
A chunky construction toy for toddlers made from 80% recycled plastic

TOMY Toomies Jurassic World Spin & Hatch Dino Eggs

Suitable from 12 months this toy takes the success of Toomies Hide and Squeak eggs and combines it with dinosaurs in a Universal Studios Jurassic World collaboration. Inside each of the 5 coloured eggs are baby dinosaurs which are fixed in the bottom half of the eggs. The eggs can be placed in the incubator and if you push down the yellow plunger on the top they spin round. Spin the eggs round without the clear lid on and the eggs will all fly out and hatch. Each egg makes a different rattly noise if you shake it.

Stockists include: Amazon, Argos, The Entertainer, John Lewis, Next Online, The Range, Selfridges,, Toymaster, Tesco, The Works and other independents.

TOMY Toomies dinosaur egg toy with 5 coloured eggs with baby dinosaurs inside
Hatch little dinosaurs with your toddler this Easter

Preschool and Early Years Easter Gift Ideas

Orchard Toys Egg Surprise Mini Game

Egg Surprise is recommended for ages 3 to 6 and 2 to 4 players. In this simple Easter themed game you spin the carrot spinner and pick up a rabbit card with the matching number of spots. Play moves on to the next player and the game continues until all the cards have been collected. You then get to turn all of your cards over and count the eggs you have collected. Each of the rabbit cards have either 0, 1, 2 or 3 Easter eggs on their reverse side. Whoever has collected the most eggs across all their cards wins. Buy direct from Orchard Toys or from toy shops.

The Orchard Toys Egg Surprise Mini Game showing a selection of the cards and the carrot spinner
A cute Easter themed game for young children

Bobbie The Bunny Jigsaw

This beautiful children's jigsaw is one to treasure. The 12 chunky wooden pieces are all irregular shapes and go together to make Bobbie The Bunny and his basket of Easter eggs. Presented in an organza bag inside a cute box this jigsaw makes a lovely chocolate free Easter gift for children. Check it out in Wentworth Puzzles range of jigsaw puzzles for children.

a children's rabbit shaped Easter jigsaw puzzle and box
Bobbie The Bunny jigsaw puzzle makes a great alternative Easter gift

Margot and the Magical Plant by Jane Rhodes

It's the perfect time of year to start growing plants so why not gift this book and maybe some seeds too? In Margot And The Magical Plant, Margot receives some mystery seeds from her Nanny and rushes out to plant them. As she waits, day by day, the plant grows and keeps changing until eventually it has red tomatoes. The plant isn't really magic, it's just the continuously changing nature of the tomato plant. This is a sweet book which will get children excited about growing their own plants. You can buy it direct from the author Jane Rhodes here.

A children's book about growing a tomato plant in Margot and the magical plant
Easter is a great time to plant seeds and this book will encourage children to grow their own

Easter Craft Kits from Ryman

Keep children entertained this Easter even if the weather isn't great with these Easter craft activities from Ryman. There are suncatcher Easter Eggs to paint in several different designs. Or you could paint real eggs with the Easter Egg Stencil Kit. I love this idea because you could either hard boil an egg for your children to paint or, if they can be gentle enough, blow an egg so you can cook with the inside of the egg (maybe for Easter biscuits) and keep the painted shell on display. The set contains a paint brush, 4 colour paints and 3 stencils. Another idea is the A4 Easter colouring and sticker book which is perfect for taking away on Easter holidays. 

If you are having an Easter Egg hunt at home then the Easter Egg Hunt Kit includes: little paper bags signs, stickers and even maps so you can you can plot where all the eggs are.  Don’t feel that your eggs have to be chocolate though. Any of the treats from this guide would work, or use reusable plastic eggs and write a message or activity on a piece of paper to go in each one.  

Easter crafts from Ryman including an egg stencil kit, suncatcher and colouring book
Easter crafts make a good Easter gift and will keep children entertained over the Easter holidays

Easter Gifts for Tweens and Teens 

Older kids can be harder to buy gifts for, but these ideas are likely to be popular.

Funko Disney Kingdomania

Kingdomania is an expandable game and collectable toy combined with Disney characters by Funko. Each game ball includes 2 mystery Disney characters (in a Funko style) and everything you need to play the game. I love that this is a combination of collectable figures (there are 40 to collect) and a game you can play straight away, but which is also expandable with each game ball you get. The figures are the game pieces as well. If you want to jump start the game there is a super game pack (equivalent to 3 balls) but that’s less egg like so I haven't included in the Easter guide. Recommended for age 6 plus and available to buy from Tesco or Amazon

A blue globe with Disney Funko Kingdomania expandable game on it
Collectable Disney figures, a game and it's kinda egg shaped too

Ginger Fox Card Games 

Ginger Fox has a great range of card games and the choices below are all suitable for children age 8 plus. The compact size of these games makes them great for taking on holiday and they don't take up much shelf space, but they are lots of fun to play. In It Takes Two To Mango players have to pull the faces on their cards and if you suspect some one has the same card as you do shout "mango". A great game for children who like to pull faces and no one in the family will be able to keep a straight face. In Yes, Yes Yeti you basically have a whole board game in a tiny box. You create the path with cards and have to race the other players to get to the Yeti first. The small pack contains everything you need to play including playing pieces. Taskmaster on the other hand requires a huge amount of extra items to play. In the card game version each card has a challenge and everyone (other than the Taskmaster) has to compete against each other to complete the challenge best. It's basically a travel size version of the TV Show, but you can also get a board game version of Taskmaster complete with playing pieces and even a winner's trophy. Yes, Yes Yeti is for 3 to 6 players and the other card games are for 3 players plus, but it's a case of the more the merrier (or more chaotic) so great for all the family to play.

Small card game boxes with Ginger Fox games: Taskmaster, It Takes Two To Mango and Yes, Yes Yeti
These little card games from Ginger Fox contain lots of fun

Tamagotchi by Bandai

A Tamagotchi makes a fun Easter gift where you get to hatch your own egg.  Inside is your very own virtual reality pet for you to look after and play with. Don’t worry they can be put on mute while children are at school and they sleep at night. One day is equal to about one year for your Tamagotchi character and it will change appearance several times before it reaches its adult form. The behaviour and personality of the character depends on how well you look after it. Really cute and a great way to encourage responsibility.
To turn the sound off on a Tamagotchi eg at school press and hold the first button then the third button. It will beep and then go silent. Repeat to turn the sound back on.  The Bandai toy comes in a range of designs and is recommended for age 8 plus. Available from Smyths.

A Tamagotchi toy in the packet
Hatch a virtual pet from an egg with this Easter gift

Easter Plus Plus

Plus Plus is a Danish brand that's new to the UK. Their big and small bunnies and chick make great Easter presents. The standard range is suitable for children age 5 to 12 and they have chunkier ("BIG") sets for younger children. Each tube comes with 100 pieces and instructions on how to make the featured character, but you don’t have to limit yourself and even after you make it there are plenty of pieces left over to build whatever you want. The pieces are all the same shape and easily slot together. The more sets you get the more you can build.

A Plus Plus Bunny tube, 100 pieces and a white bunny, carrot and egg
Build an Easter bunny with this Bunny tube from Plus Plus

Chocolate Free Easter Gifts for Adults

While the Ginger Fox games are great fun for all, the rest of the selection below are definitely best suited to older kids and adults. 

A Sweet Smelling Candle

A scented candle will allow you to enjoy the sensory experience of chocolate without actually eating it. This Oriental Vanilla candle from The Copenhagen Company's Signature Collection smells amazing. The vanilla has hints of saffron, cardamon & nutmeg. The small candle comes in a glass jar with a metal lid. It has a burn time of approximately 40 hours and they do larger sizes too. Copenhagen Candle Company products are vegan and cruelty free. They also sell divine smelling reed diffusers. 

A white vanilla scented candle in a glass jar with a metal lid saying Copenhagen Candle Company
Make your home smell of Spring or Easter with a scented candle

Mason Cash Serving Platter

This Leaf Serving Platter from Mason Cash's In the Forest range is both beautiful and practical like many of the best gifts. It is available in different sizes and the large will happily hold a leg of lamb as part of your Easter Sunday roast dinner. When not being used to serve food it is too pretty to hide in a cupboard and it deserves to be put out on display. Available to buy direct from Mason Cash

A large green leaf ceramic serving platter from Mason Cash
This serving platter is beautiful and practical

Japanese Stationery

Cool stationery in pretty pastel colours are sure to make a great Easter gift. This selection from Kukuyo includes fun highlighters where each pen has a split nib so you get 2 shades of each colour as well as a pencil case with separate pockets to keep everything organised. 

A selection of double nibbed pastel highlighter pens, pencil case and notebook
Pastel spring coloured stationery makes for a fun Easter gift

Crystal Suncatcher

It has long been believed that crystals have a healing affect on our body and soul, but even if you don't believe in their powers this stunning suncatcher will lift your mood. The suncatchers from Xander Kostroma are handmade using raw crystal stones and semi precious metals.  There are a number of different crystals so you can choose the healing to best suit your needs, or just your colour scheme. Hang near a window (but out of direct light) so the glass prism can reflect the light into the room making for a beautiful effect. Each suncatcher comes in a branded Xander Kostroma black cotton canvas pouch. They also sell a range of jewellery, crystals and other items. 

A raw quartz crystal suncatcher with cut and uncut quartz on a gold chain with a clear glass prism at the end
A crystal suncatcher with raw quartz and a prism to reflect light into your home

Wentworth Mini Puzzles

I love the larger Wentworth Puzzles, but their mini puzzles make a perfect gift when you don't want to splash out on the bigger sizes. It's your last chance to buy the Easter Cottage design (below right), but their new Spring range has a number of 40 piece designs like Bittersweet Chocolates which would make a good chocolate free chocolatey gift.  The Colourful Meadow design (below right) is from the Mini Mindful collection and despite being only 40 pieces is truly challenging and took me ages to complete.

40 piece wooden jigsaws in very hard design and easy one.
Two 40 piece mini jigsaw puzzles, but very different levels of difficulty

I Heart Wines

Pink Prosecco is definitely a drink for sunny days and a gift of the I Heart Wines Prosecco Rosé will be a promise of the warmer days ahead. They also do an alcohol free sparkling in both pink and white which make a great gift for those who prefer non-alcoholic drinks. The Prosecco is widely available to buy including in Sainsburys and Morrisons. The alcohol free version is available online from Slurp.

I love prosecco rosé prosecco bottle from I heart wines and 2 champagne glasses
Perfect egg shaped bubbles, ok maybe they are round like a normal bubble

Easter Decor

Easter decor which can be used year after year makes for a great Easter gift. I love the Mossy Easter Wreath pictured below because it can be hung on a door or used on a table as a centrepiece. I have combined it with a trio of TruGlowⓇ candles which are impressively realistic, but don't have a real flame. The battery powered candles are made with real wax and the lights flicker gently without a fire risk. 
The Mossy Easter Wreath, candles, Bunny Easter Wreath in the first image in this post as well as the Easter Egg Micro Fairy Light Garland and Flower Micro Fairy Lights in images throughout this post all came from Lights4Fun. The flowers are outdoor lights so they can be used be used to decorate inside or out.  The candles and all of the lights featured have a timer function so you can choose to have them on for 6 hours and then off for the next 18 hours. This means you don't need to remember to turn them on and off which is a great feature for both outdoor and indoor lights making the battery last longer. 

An Easter wreath with moss, eggs and artificial flowers with 3 battery operated column candles in the middle
A Easter wreath makes a great centrepiece and this one can be used year after year


Jewellery makes a lovely gift and I love this Neha star necklace from Kasbah Clothing. Kasbah Clothing is an online clothing retailer focusing on comfortable and stylish designs for plus size women. The founder, Heather Benhrima, is a British designer based in Marrakech which brings a Moroccan influence to the clothes and accessories.

A necklace with 3 hammered metal star outlines from Kasbah clothing
They'll shine as bright as a star with this Easter gift

Hair care

FFS, perhaps better know for hair removal as their name Fuss Free Shaving stands for, also has a range of cruelty free, vegan hair care products. Their award winning Hair Masque and frizz fighting hair towel make for a gift which encourages some “me time” and beautiful hair. The masque and microfibre towel are both great ways to care for your hair if you do the curly girl method or just want more hydrated hair.

FFS Hair Masque and microfibre hair towel
FFS Hair Care will nourish their hair and it's vegan friendly

Other Easter Gift Ideas

Other ideas for Easter gifts are anything Peter Rabbit themed (he might not be the Easter bunny, but he is a very popular rabbit). The Rainbow Designs My First Peter Rabbit soft toys are a great choice for a baby's first Easter.  Children and adults alike love bath bombs and lots of shops have egg shaped ones at this time of year. I have picked up some with a toy inside from Home Bargains and some more suited to older children or adults in TK Maxx. Our TK Maxx also had a good range of Easter books on display, from  Peppa Pig through to Roald Dahl.

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