How To Keep Children Safe At Crowded Events

Collaborative post by another author. Large events are often a cause for concern for parents with young children. In crowded public spaces, it’s much harder to keep an eye on your kids and the risks are much greater than being at home.

children eating a picnic on a blanket at an event
Tips to keep your children safe at crowded events

The summer season is right around the corner, bringing with it many public gatherings, fairs, parties, and celebrations for all the family to enjoy. We're set to witness a historic event this year, when King Charles III is coronated. Street parties and celebrations are scheduled up and down the country to mark this special occasion.

While these summer events are likely to be very exciting for all involved, parents need to remain vigilant to keep their little ones safe. What are the best ways to do this?

Emphasise “stranger danger”

For a long time it has been recommended that every parent should be telling their children about “stranger danger”. This is the universal warning that anyone you don’t know can potentially be dangerous and children should avoid strangers at all times.

This is a good concept to remind your kids about before large gatherings, even just for everyday life activities such as walking home from school. A good alternative though is teaching Clever Never Goes as not always strangers who are the risk.

Communicate clearly and establish a meeting point

As you’re arriving at a public event or celebration, communicate any expectations clearly to your children. Whether this is conveying rules about straying too far out of sight or reminding them about avoiding going off with strangers, leave no hesitation when it comes to staying safe.

If you have teenagers, it can be useful to designate a meeting point should anyone get separated from the group. The best places are usually recognisable landmarks or building facilities that can be clearly identified.

Keep children close in big crowds

In crowded spaces, it’s always a good idea to keep children in your group close so you can watch over them consistently. 

Large crowds are some of the easiest environments to lose children in, especially if they are smaller. Getting lost among so many people can be disorientating for kids and finding the way back to you becomes even more difficult. 

Follow firework safety protocols

Where firework displays are involved, ensure that protocols are followed and that no children under the permitted age are using them. They can be extremely dangerous in the wrong hands, and you don’t want any nasty accidents from misuse.

If you or one of your kids is injured because of fireworks set off by someone else, the consequences can be significant. You may be well within your rights to explore an injury and accident claim against the culprit or organisation responsible.

Remember hydration and sun protection

Summer events often present environmental dangers as well. Come prepared with hydration and sun protection for yourself and your kids to avoid sunburn and heat stroke.

Ensure that children wear appropriate clothing and reapply sun cream as recommended on the bottle.

Summer should be a time for all the family to enjoy but be sure to take the necessary precautions to keep your children safe. Have a great time!

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