Review and Giveaway: SuperThings Pizzacopter and Turbo Ice Vehicles

AD SuperThings, Rivals of Kaboom toys are great for many reasons: 

  • They are bright and colourful
  • They have a fun collectable element
  • They capture children’s imaginations 
  • They don’t break easily
  • They appeal to a wide age range (both my 4 and 7 year olds love them)

Read about why we love the latest toys and then enter my giveaway to win one. 

Two children playing with SuperThings vehicles, one has a bike the other a helicopter which is firing a pizza at the bike
SuperThings Rivals of Kaboom Vehicle Playsets are so much fun for siblings

SuperThings, Rivals of Kaboom Superhero Pizzacopter and Villains Turbo Ice Playsets

We received two of the new SuperThings playsets to review:  Pizzacopter (a helicopter which fires pizza) and Turbo Ice (a motorbike which fires ice cream balls). My younger two are loving playing with these toys and battling the Heroes against the Villains.

In case you aren’t familiar with SuperThings you can watch the videos on YouTube or read about them here:  

Basically though in Kaboom City there are superheroes and villains which are fighting each other. There are Kazoom Kid’s, the figures which are about 10cm tall, and SuperThings which are little characters based on everyday objects, both of which get their power from Kazoom. The Pizzacopter comes with superheroes and Turbo Ice with villains. It’s easy to tell which characters are on which side because the heroes look happy and the villains a bit angry and evil (but not in a scary way) plus they have an H or a V on them (a quick tip there if your children have lots and you want to pretend you know what’s going on).

Two excited children holding Superthings boxes
We were really excited to review these new SuperThings Toys

children playing with the SuperThings pizzacopter and Turbo Ice bike
The heroes in the Pizzacopter are battling it out against the villains in the Turbo Ice bike

Oh no a SuperThing has landed on the propeller of the Pizzacopter
Mad Cone SuperThing attacks the Pizzacopter

SuperThings Pizzacopter Review

The heroes helicopter is just the right size to carry a Kazoom Kid and a SuperThing can ride on each side on the loading skids. The set comes with an exclusive Kazoom Kid (Superslice the pizza Pilot who looks like he has a slice of pizza on his head) and exclusive SuperThing (Slicey who looks like a slice of pizza with goggles and a parachute on it’s back). 

The propellers look like pizza slices oozing with cheese and you can make them manually spin round.

You also get 3 pizza discs which can be loaded into the front of the Pizzacopter and fired out with a satisfying click by pulling a yellow trigger at the back. They fire out really well, which has the downside that we currently have 2 behind a cupboard.

Putting the pizza into the Pizzacopter to fire out
The Pizzacopter comes with 3 pizzas you can load up and fire out

SuperThings Turbo Ice Bike Review

The villains motorbike has space for the exclusive Kazoom Kid (Badnilla the Ice Biker who has hair like ice cream and ice cream cones as knee pads) and the exclusive SuperThing (Mad Cone who looks like a rather angry ice cream). You also get 3 ice cream balls which can be fired using the red launcher on the side of the bike. There is room to store 2 of the ice cream balls on the bike.

The bike has big chunky wheels so it can be zoomed along flat surfaces and stay upright.

The Turbo Ice Ice Cream bike with Kazoom Kid and SuperThing
The Turbo Ice bike can fire ice cream balls at their enemies 

SuperThings ice cream balls being fired out of a paper bag
The SuperThing and ice cream balls are in a paper bag in the box

SuperThings Vehicles

We received the Rescue Truck last year and my children still play with it. My son can be a bit rough with toys and so a few of the parts get knocked off at times (eg the doors come off at the hinges) but they just click right back on. The impressive thing is nothing is actually broken and it still looks bright and colourful. The Rescue Truck, like the Pizzacopter and Turbo Ice, has a few stickers on which have been attacked by my children, but the bright colourful plastic still looks great.

The Kazoom Kids are SuperThings are compatible with all the toys so the more you collect the more fun you can have. My children love mixing them up and playing with al the characters. 

The new SuperThings toys are available from The Entertainer , Amazon and selected Toymaster stores.

Siblings playing with SuperThings vehicles received to review
The toys are great fun to play with 

Each vehicle comes with a Kazoom kid and exclusive SuperThing character
You can battle against each other

A boy playing with both the SuperThings helicopter and motorbike
or play on your own (toys sold separately)


The winner will receive 1 SuperThings Vehicle (either the Pizzacopter OR Turbo Ice), styles may vary. For a chance to win enter via the widget below before midnight on Easter Monday (10th April 2023). UK entries only. All other T&Cs are available via the widget. 

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