Review: Zippos Circus 2023 Nomad tour

(PR Invite) The 2023 Zippos tour started in Blackheath London on 30th March and is running until 29th October. After Blackheath the tour has 12 further locations in London (including East Ham and Hampstead Heath) as well as venues as far afield as Brighton in the South and several dates in Scotland. The new show is called "Nomads" and it's refreshed with new acts and performances from an international cast. We were invited to visit the big top and check out the show, find out what we thought and grab my discount code for money off tickets. 

3 children standing in front of the Zippos big top underneath the Zippos sign
My family loved the Zippos Nomad show

What To Expect From The Zippos 2023 Nomads Show

The run time of the show is just under 2 hours including an interval. The doors open about half an hour before the show giving you plenty of time to get comfortable and buy snacks. 

The show has lots of international acts performing in the circus ring, on platforms and aerial antics. These are punctuated by entertainment from clown Whimmie Walker and Paulo Dos Santos a “circus comedian and acrobat” which provide hilarious acts individually and as a double act. Don't worry Whimmie isn't a scary clown, descended from a clown who performed for Queen Victoria, he will leave children giggling and with a big smile.

Throughout the show my children were entertained and my partner could be heard muttering and disbelieving at the feats of the troupe. I was impressed by the teamwork, timing and trust between the performers which was spot on. The show definitely has the wow factor.

Aerial artist Jackie Louise hanging from a trapeze at Zippos circus
Jackie Louise - Aerial Star

Super strong act Ibrahim holding on to a pole and holding his body sideways
Ibrahim (press image, credit Piet-Hein Out)

Ludvik Novotny balancing on a pile of stuff at Zippos circus
Ludvik Novotny (press image, credit Piet-Hein Out)

The Acts

Special Guests Temujin Troupe are headlining the show and performing a number of acts. The group from the Mongolian Steppes perform complex skipping, acrobatics and more.

Other of our favourite acts include: the famous Globe of Death where 3 motorbikes drive round inside a metal ball cage, then take it one step further by having a performer stand inside there too for them to drive around, the wheel of steel where the performers rotate on a large wheel and the aerial artistry from Jackie Louise and Alexander Lichner.

It was particular good to see Brit Jackie Louise again who we saw last time in a Zippos performance at Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland in 2019. She fell during a later performance on the day we watched her and sustained an injury. Which goes to show just how skilled and brave these performers are. 

Alexander Lichner aerial artist on a trapeze
Alexander Lichner (press image, credit Piet-Hein Out)

The Mongolian Warriors throwing each other in the air
The Mongolian Warriors, Temujin Troupe (press image, credit Piet-Hein Out)

Timbuktu Troupe with one jumping over a flaming limbo stick
Timbuktu Troupe (press image, credit Piet-Hein Out)

Wheel of Steel press image
Wheel of Steel (press image, credit Piet-Hein Out)

What You Need to Know Before Booking Ticket For Zippos Circus

  • Children candy floss and popcorn will be a popular demand as well as the the flashing lights, slushies and ice cream. Be prepared. You can preorder popcorn and candy floss.
  • Seating is not preallocated within sections. Arrive early to get the best seats in your section (I would recommend the section opposite the performers entrance, although you’ll stick have a good time at the side seating. 
  • Seating is in 3 price tiers: ringside chairs, deluxe grandstand and grandstand. It’s arranged so there is a walkway between the ringside seats and the grandstand. We sat at the front row of the grandstand in the Deluxe Grandstand and personally I think that is the ideal place as the the ringside chairs are very close to the action.
  • There is a toilet block outside the main circus tent with steps up to the entrance. 
  • You can get up to 30% discounts on all Zippo's Circus tickets with my code: ZC93, click here to buy or buy on the day at the ticket office.

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