How Mothers Can Be Proactive Regarding Breast Cancer Prevention

Collaborative post by another author. In the UK alone, one in seven women is at risk of developing breast cancer in their lifetime. While certain genetic and environmental factors are beyond our control, there are several ways that women can be proactive about breast cancer prevention, particularly mothers. 

Although breast cancer is a plausible concern for thousands of women worldwide, preventing breast cancer is essential for mothers as a diagnosis would affect their well-being and their families. But what steps can mothers take to reduce their risk and take control of their health? 

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From making healthier lifestyle choices and getting regular screenings/tests like an endopredict, we outline several ways mothers can be proactive regarding breast cancer prevention – keep reading to find out more. 

Attend All Screenings/Tests 

It is important to check your breasts each month for any signs of lumps or changes. It makes even more sense to be proactive about breast cancer prevention if you’ve been diagnosed with it previously or are at high risk of developing it. Based on your personal history and the advice from your GP, one of the best ways to reduce your risk of cancer (be it reoccurring or otherwise) is by attending regular screenings and mammograms to monitor any changes in your breast tissue. 

Suppose you have had cancer in the past. In that case, it is also essential that you attend all follow-up appointments and take any gene expression profiling tests (GEP) like an endopredict test that they might suggest to minimise your risk further. 

An endopredict test, like the ones available from Source BioScience, looks at different cancer groups and determines their activity, the reoccurrence rate, and more. As a leading provider of state-of-the-art laboratory services, consider visiting their website for more information about their endopredict test or contact them directly to see how their tests could help you be more proactive in your health efforts today. 

Breastfeed Your Children 

Surprisingly, you can minimise your risk of breast cancer as a mother by breastfeeding your children for as long as possible. While it's not known why breastfeeding is such as good protectant against breast cancer, mothers are encouraged that if they are able to breastfeed they should do so for as long as possible since the longer you do, the longer the risk is minimised. 

It is speculated that breastfeeding is such a good protectant because the ovaries don’t release as many eggs while breastfeeding. Or due to the cellular changes that occur within the breast, which might make breasts more resistant to changes that could lead to breast cancer. 

Squeeze In Some Daily Exercise 

Another way that mothers can be proactive regarding breast cancer prevention is by squeezing in a generous amount of daily exercise into their routine. Not only can exercising regularly help you reap an array of benefits, but it can also help you maintain/reach a healthy body weight, which is a factor in preventing breast cancer. 

According to health professionals, adults should aim for at least one hundred and fifty minutes of moderate exercise a week. Although it might seem complicated for mothers to squeeze in among childcare priorities, there are plenty of ways to get around this. Whether exercising while your partner watches the kids, taking them to a child-friendly exercise class or going for a power walk with a pushchair, there are many ways you can squeeze a daily workout into your day to reduce your risk of breast cancer. 

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