How To Have A Next Level Garden Party The Easy Way

AD I love having family and friends over to my house and I find hosting them in the garden creates a relaxed and happy party atmosphere. If you are inviting guests for a special occasion though and you want to make your garden party that little bit more memorable, but with less stress, how do you do it? My advice is to get help.

If you are just inviting a few people over for a Saturday afternoon then of course you will want it simple and low budget, but for birthdays or special celebrations it can be worth paying extra so that you don’t have to spend weeks organising and tidying.  It also means you get to enjoy the party too.   I have hosted birthday parties where I have done it all myself and some where I have paid for others to do it all for me. While everyone else has had a great time at both, paying for help has meant I have enjoyed it so much more. I get to speak to guests, eat, drink and generally be merry instead of running around doing everything. 

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Hosting a special occasion garden party doesn't need to be stressful

Tips For A Less Stress Higher Impact Garden Party

Deep Clean

Even if you plan to have the party outside you will want to make sure that your house looks good. People will probably need to walk through your house to get to the garden or the bathroom at a minimum. Whatever state your house is in booking a cleaner to do a deep clean the day before or morning of your party will make sure your home is looking it’s best. Make sure you tell them what areas you want them to prioritise ie the areas that will be seen.  

Tidy The Garden Too

With a garden party it's the garden, not the house, that is the star of the show so it’s worth giving it a tidy up before the party starts. Aim for the grass to be cut the day before the party so it still looks fresh, but check the weather forecast and plan when to cut the grass accordingly. 

Just like cleaning up your house it can be worth the time saver of getting a gardener visit. A little pruning, weeding and a good sweep of paved areas can make a big difference. If your flowerbeds are looking a bit bare or just green then quickly add some colour with some potted flowers. You can often buy ready made hanging baskets or displays from your local garden centre. If your garden is already full of flowers then why not cut some and place them in a vase on the tables?

Delicious Food

Arranging catering makes it easy to feed your guests in style. You can preorder food for collection from some supermarkets and cafes, but this often limits you to cold food, or you have to spend time away from your guests heating and presenting it.  A great alternative is to use a private chef as not only can you expect them to bring all the food with them, but they will prepare and serve it all. This way you get to be at the party rather than in the kitchen.

Easy Access Cool Drinks

People will happily serve themselves drinks at garden parties so make it easy by filling a large bucket or cool box full of ice and water and adding cans and bottles so they keep cool. Remember to have bottle openers on hand and reusable plastic glasses available for those that want them.

Get Comfortable

On a sunny day people when people are relaxed they will appreciate being able to sit down. If you are short of garden furniture for the number of people coming ask if some of the guests can bring camping chairs. Place a few picnic blankets on the grass for children too, although if the grass is dry they will probably happily sit anywhere. 

Simple Decorations

While you can go all out with decorations and theming, the lovely thing about garden parties is the beauty of the garden is normally enough. Some bunting or solar powered fairy lights can look lovely in the garden and add to the party atmosphere, but I think it’s nice to keep it as natural as possible. Adding extra colour if needed through flowers in pots will look great and won’t need tidying up afterwards. 

Plan Entertainment

If your friends or family will be bringing along children then it’s a good idea to have activities to keep them entertained. Have a box of garden party games like giant jenga, boules, croquets, quoits or kubb for a fun, but traditional atmosphere that even the adults will enjoy, without too much running around or noise. 

If the party is to celebrate a child's birthday or a lot of children are coming then let all the adults rest for a while by booking an entertainer. A professional entertainer can help play games with children for an hour or so and help children get to know each other while their parents chat.

If you are surrounded with people you love and enjoy the company of you will want to have time to actually hang out with them right? Hosting a party can often mean you are too busy getting drinks, organising food and tidying than really talking to your guests so these tips on how to get help and make hosting a party easy will ensure everyone has a good time. 

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