Choosing The Best Doors, Windows And Conservatories For You With SEHBAC

What did you get up to at the weekend? Last Saturday I was invited to visit the new SEHBAC show centre in Colchester. SEHBAC create bespoke home improvements including windows, doors and conservatories across Essex, London and the South East. Investing money in your home is a difficult decision and you want to ensure you make the right choices to meet your needs as well as improving the value you of your home. How do you choose exactly what you need and who to trust with your purchase?

A corridor inside a airy show room with single story brick extensions on the left and doors visible on the right

Over 5 years ago when I bought a new front and back doors I had a man come round my house and show me a catalogue. I had to rely on photographs and his advice to guide my selection. I found him patronising and didn’t like him. What we chose was fine but I can’t help thinking there might have been better options. For instance I didn’t want glass in my front door because I was worried about people seeing through and security, but the end result was our hallway (which had no windows) was very dark and I kept the light on all the time. Maybe if I hadn’t been encouraged to make a decision there and then I would have made a better choice? I wont share who I bought my doors from, but it wasn’t from SEHBAC.

Now imagine someone came round to your house and instead of a hard sell they talked to you about what you want, your needs and your budget then they went away and generated some graphics. You could go to a show centre where they showed you a 3D image of your possible extension. Somewhere to see what the doors and windows looked and felt like. You could see how a handle turns, how a window opens, what all those different types of privacy glass look like. The new showroom at SEHBAC in Colchester gives you the chance to try before you buy. Instead of feeling rushed into a decision you can be confident that whether you are choosing a new front door or a whole conservatory it will meet your needs and lifestyle.

Inside the Colchester SEHBAC show centre you can see examples of different door handles and window handles in different colours and finishes

SEHBAC have 14 show centres with the Stanway Retail Park in Colchester the newest. They provide windows (including gorgeous double glazed sash windows which I didn’t know you could even get), doors, conservatories, extensions, driveways and rooflines (gutters etc). They have 45 years experience, offer 10 years guarantee and 3 years interest free credit, but honestly it was their friendliness and approach to sales that impressed me most. 

I found it fascinating to see all the doors and windows (which you can actually open and close), plus you can see different glass, finishes and cross sections of various things. Going to the show centre makes words like “tilt and turn” make sense and helps you make the best decision about what you want. Handily there is free parking outside and it’s easy to get to (although your satnav might direct you to the housing estate behind instead of the Retail Park). It’s open for 7 days a week and you can find more information on their website

I recorded a 60 second walk through of the Colchester SEHBAC show centre which you can watch below if you want an idea of what it is like.

***Disclosure: I received compensation for visiting the SEHBAC show centre and writing this post, but all opinions are my own***

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