Review: Snazaroo Mini Theme Face Paint Packs with Weekend Box

Last weekend we were sent a special package to review from the Weekend Box Club with Snazaroo. The Weekend Box Club send out parcels with crafty activities for children and this special box contained two new compact Snazaroo face paint products (available in shops soon priced £2.99). The mini face paint kits contain all you need to get painting your family’s face and we all found them great fun. 

Snazaroo mini theme pack used to create a yellow super hero mask with white lightning bolts and black outline

We haven't used face paints before and I’m not the most artistic of people so I was interested to see how I would get on with them. It turns out the hardest part is persuading your child to stay still and not laugh while you are trying your best to be creative. I think I did pretty well for a first attempt. 

We received two different mini packs: one had 3 face paints, a brush and a sponge, the other had 3 face paints and 3 stamps. After my attempt, Big Sister used the set with the stamps to decorate my face which she found hilarious. Even Little Sister got involved, pulling a pack off the side in the kitchen when we weren’t looking and appearing in the living room with black fingers and smudges on her face. It’s just as well they are formulated to be gentle on the skin and easy to wash off!

An open letter box sized card board box with two Snazaroo mini face paint theme packs: a tiger and birthday stamps

What Did We Think Of The Snazaroo Mini Face Paint Packs?

The face paints were covered in a sheet of plastic which was a little tricky to get off and then you need to add a small amount of water (like with any water based paints). It took me a few goes to get the right consistency so that the paints were nice and vibrant on the face. The sponge works well to cover large areas and the brush was good for thick lines, I decided to use a fine tipped make up brush to outline Big Sister’s mask which worked really well. If she had sat still for more than two seconds at a time I think it would have looked really impressive. The pack was meant to create a tiger, but she didn't fancy that, but a picture of a girl with a painted super hero mask on the back of the pack got a thumbs up. She loved the super hero mask and dashed around the house all afternoon. The biggest challenge was trying to persuade her to clean it off in the evening. While the paints do come off easily, she doesn’t like cleaning her face properly and ended up going to school with a yellow tinged face the next day.

I wasn’t brave enough to let Big Sister loose on my face with the sponge and brush, but I thought the stamps would be fun for her to use. We twisted the stamps round a few times to make sure they were fully covered in paint and then she carefully placed them all over my face. She was very happy with the end result.

Me looking beautiful with Snazaroo Birthday Party face paint stamps on my face (a cake, music notes and a smiley face)

It was really easy to clean up any mess afterwards with a wet cloth and we managed not to get any of our clothes, although it should wash out fairly easily.

The Snazaroo mini face paint packs are fun and we will definitely we using them again. It’s great how they encourage children’s imaginations and I’m excited to think of some ideas for halloween. Snazaroo have ideas and step by step instructions on their website so I have been having a look for inspiration. The mini theme packs are small and a great price making them perfect to buy with pocket money or to go in a Christmas Stocking (hint hint Santa).

An open Snazaroo mini face painting kit with instructions to paint a tiger, yellow, white and black paint, a white sponge and a paint brush

***Disclosure: We were sent these products to review, but all artistic attempts and opinions are our own***

Snazaroo face paints are made in the UK, they are skin friendly, fragrance and paraben free and are formulated from premium cosmetic ingredients to be gentle on children’s skin. They are safe for all ages, but they recommend for age 3 and over. Younger children might do better with a small decoration on their hand or cheek.

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