Letter To My Eldest Daughter On Her 6th Birthday

Today you are 6. I’m so proud of you. Not for being 6, that was kind of inevitable, but for the person you have become. We’ve had such a great weekend together and the living room is covered in wrapping paper and toys from all of your present opening yesterday and today. You were so excited by everything. I wish your friends could have seen you open them and know how much you loved them all. I'm sure you have been busy telling all at school today though.

7 photographs of my 6 year old daughter taken each year on her birthday.

It’s been tough at times. I left your Daddy shortly before you turned 3 so for half your life now I’ve had to share you. I only get you every other night, but since your Little Sister was born we have got to see a lot more of each other. Not commuting to London and working long days has meant I can be there for you so much more. And it’s made the morning rush is a little less frantic. I’m so happy we get to see more of the good sides of each other. 

You have always been my emotional little girl who struggles to control her temper (just like Mummy), but you now work so hard to keep calm. I know it’s hard, there are so many times I can’t not shout, so every time I see you managing to keep calm I am so impressed with you. We both know it’s harder when you are tired or hungry so I try and help. The melt downs after school when I forget to bring a snack are probably as much my fault as yours.

My daughter at her 6th birthday party standing in front on a helium number 6 and behind a Marks and Spencer butterfly cake

You are so caring. There are times you want your own space, but other times you want company and love. The way you play with your sister and look after her makes me feel blessed. This weekend it was great to see you have fun with your cousin too. It was a bit crazy with the three of you running around the house, but heart warming to see you so happy together. 

You are brave, smart and strong. There are lots of things that scare you, and that’s ok, lots of things can be scary. I love how you will talk to me about it so we can try and work through it together. You manage to challenge yourself to work through the fear and you have surprised me with what you have done. I’m still shocked that you went on the scary rides at Chessington that many adults would avoid. I shouldn't be really, you are constantly showing me just what you are capable of.

I’m impressed about so many of the things you have achieved in the last year. From learning to swim (well enough to not need arm bands) to learning to read. This time last year you didn’t know how to read and you didn’t want to open your school reading books, now you are trying to read everything. I love how well you read and how much you adore books. I really enjoy that at bedtime we are reading Roald Dahl books (it makes such a difference reading a story I like too). Then when I have read a few chapters you either go to sleep or I leave you so you can read to yourself. I can hear you through the baby monitor. I am amazed at how far your reading has come in the last year.

My daughter at her 6th birthday party wearing a pale pink sequin mesh dress from Little Dickens & Jones and shoes from H&M

When people asked what you wanted for your birthday I didn’t know what to say, there are so many things you love. I know you wanted Sylvanian Families and an Owlette from costume (PJ Masks), but there is so much you enjoy. You love to read, paint, draw, play with little toys like Shimmer and Shine Genies and My Little Ponies. Everybody did a great job and there wasn’t one present you opened which you weren’t excited about. I’m only sorry that you didn’t have long to play before going to school. Surely you should be allowed the day off on your birthday?

As you grow older I love spending time with you even more. There are times we argue and it’s hard work, but other times you make me so happy. I am exhausted this morning, but I am feeling so content after a great weekend. After we got back from your party and opened all the presents you even agreed to finish your home work. And you said it was fun. You keep surprising me.

Tonight you get to celebrate your birthday with your Daddy, but I’ll pick you up after school tomorrow and you can open the last of your presents. I’m not sure where we will put everything (or how I will keep Little Sister away from them), but there are worse problems to have.

Lots of love to my beautiful girl who made me a mummy, looking forward to seeing you again soon xxx

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