Looking for my perfect shoe with Hotter

Monday morning found me wandering into the Hotter shoe shop in Romford. I’ve been in Hotter a few times because I have reached the age where comfort is a priority in my footwear, but I have never found any thing I liked. This Monday was destined to be different. I had been invited to the store to have my feet measured so they could find my perfect Hotter fit. Did I find my perfect pair of shoes? And did I meet Prince Charming? Well no and yes (I bet you thought it would be the other way round didn't you?).

A close up of my foot in a manual foot measurer

The Invitation

I visited the store as part of “Fit Fortnight” where Hotter were encouraging people to visit their stores, get their feet measured and find out what makes their shoes different. Like most people I hadn’t had my feet measured for years, in fact I can’t even remember the last time although I suspect it was in late childhood. Twenty (gulp!) years and two pregnancies have changed all my body including my feet. In my last pregnancy I had pelvic girdle pain and I still can’t wear heels without discomfort. I also suspected my feet had got bigger because instead of wearing a 5 I now normally go for a 6.

A photo of me grinning next to a prince in formal attire and crown claiming to be charming

The Royal Treatment

I sat down on a beautiful throne while a Hotter Fit Ambassador measured my feet (both length and width). My feet have grown and apparently one is slightly bigger than the other. We had a chat about what I need from my Winter footwear (something warm, flat, comfortable, waterproof, resistant to toddlers and attractive) and I was shown what they thought were the best options for me. 

There were a number of different styles I liked and I love that they come in so many different colours, although I could easily be tempted to buy more than one pair. 

Me sitting on a costume throne, surrounded by balloons and with my toddler on my lap

A Few Things I Didn’t Know About Hotter Shoes

They have half sizes!
Having half sizes means you can get a really good fit. I buy my children’s shoes in half sizes and width fittings, but as an adult I tend to go to shops that sell whole sizes as it’s more economical for them. For a while I have found size 5 too tight and size 6 too big so I have had to try and guess how much the shoes will stretch and if the blisters will be unbearable before they do or whether to get shoes that slip off. Size 5.5 fit perfectly.

They have different width fittings
My feet are a standard width so shoe width generally isn’t an issue for me, but everyone’s feet are different. Hotter offer 4 different width fittings, but they aren’t all available in each style which is wear the expertly trained staff come in to help. For additional comfort Hotter have a range of shoes with dual fitting: a layer can be removed under the inner sole to make the shoe slightly wider fitting.

I was really impressed by the variation in the shoes. Clearly much of the market for Hotter is a little older (and greyer) than me, but they have styles to appeal to everyone. The women’s shoes start at size 3 (to size 9) and include trainer styles, loafers, heels, boots and more. I love the Donna Heels and the T-bar Viviene Heels, but I know they wouldn’t love me or my hips. The attention to detail is great with soft fabrics and lots of different fastenings to make the shoes easy to get on and off as well as comfortable to wear.

A photo of the shoe shop with bunting on the ceiling

So why didn’t I find my perfect pair of shoes?

After trying 4 different styles I very nearly chose the beautiful Whisper Boots in Deep Teal (currently available in an impressive 12 other colours too), but I eventually chose the Belle Boots in Dark Tan with a can of Protector spray to protect the Nubuck from water, stains and marking. You see it turns out my perfect pair of shoes was actually a pair of boots all along.

A close up of the Hotter Belle Boots on fallen Autumn leaves

***Disclosure: I was invited to Hotter shoes in Romford and given a pair of boots, but all thoughts and words are my own. The throne was a special feature for the event and the normal seating is just as comfortable if a little less elaborate. Prince Charming also isn’t a constant feature in store as he is busy being charming, however all the lovely staff will aim to make you feel like royalty***


  1. I've still not tried Hotter Shoes. Those boots look great though.

  2. I know my feet have changed loads since having kids, they're definitely bigger than they used to be! Sounds like a fab event x

  3. I haven't had my feet measured for years but last time I did I was a half size so great that this place does half sizes as not many do! x

  4. Hotter shoes look fab, I'd not thought of getting my foot size checked...

  5. They look great, I wish there was a store near us. Love the fact they cater for different widths too.


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