Review: Project Mc2 Experiments with Dolls Camryn

“Please can I show them Science Girl?” Big Sister asked as soon as her friends came round for a play date. Thanks to my blog M often gets new toys to review and some are more popular that others. “Science Girl” otherwise known as Camryn is definitely a hit. She is part of the new range from Project Mc² called Experiments with Dolls. Each doll comes with instructions to make something from household ingredients, Camryn teaches you how to make colourful nail vanish.

A close up of the Camryn Project Mc2 doll showing her lace style white mask, dragon wings and belt

I love the S.T.E.A.M (or S.T.E.M) toys which are around at the moment because they are a great way to get girls interested in subjects they don’t always perform well in. According to the website Project Mc² is on an important mission to help advance girls in the areas of S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths).

The Camryn Project Mc2 doll is being held by the hand with a wrist that can actually move

Camryn comes with a hammer, excavator and funnel to help make colourful nail polish, but you need to provide clear nail polish and the eyeshadow yourself. The box explains “Eye shadow is usually made from a mixture of talc powder and coloured pigments which is pressed into a palette. Crushed eye shadow can be dissolved in nail varnish which is usually made from ‘Ethyl Acetate’ which scientists call a ‘Non-Polar Solvent’, allowing you to add colour to your clear nail varnish”. It’s taught me something I didn’t know and would be a fun way to make sure you had matching eyeshadow and nail vanish for a special occasion.

The doll, excavator tool, hammer, comb and funnel laid out

S.T.E.A.M aside Camryn is also a pretty cool doll. She is 12 inches tall, comes wearing a one shoulder ball dress, boots, gloves, earrings and has detachable wings and mask, oh and a comb so you can brush her long hair. She's all dressed up ready to go to a gala for a secret spy mission. I only realised something else special about her after I pulled her hand off (don’t worry it reattached easily), unlike the Barbie style dolls Big Sister has from when she was younger Camryn has joints! This means you can move her wrists, elbows and knees and in the directions that you would expect a normal person to move. She needs a bit of care (bend the knee the wrong way and she’ll get a dislocation) but as the toys are aimed at age 6 years upwards that shouldn’t be a problem.

A close up of the Project Mc2 Camryn doll having her hair combed

The other characters in the Experiments with Dolls range encourage you to make glitter tattoos, lemon soap, a glitter phone case and fairy wing earrings. From November Netflix will be streaming Part 6 of Project Mc² , an Emmy nominated original Netflix series where you can find out more about the cool and smart girls including Camryn Coyle.

The unopened box of Camryn's Nail Polish from Project Mc2

***Disclosure: we were sent the Project Mc² Camryn's Nail Polish Doll for the purpose of providing an honest review***


  1. That's such a cool doll, I would of loved something like that when I was younger!

  2. My daughter is really into dolls at the moment. I'm sure she'd loved this :)

  3. So cool! My 6yo boy loves Barbies/dolls etc, though his older brother has just begun the whole "this is for girls, this is for boys" thing which is frustrating! Still, I'm sure they'd all love one to look at & play with! incidentally, do they do boy dolls? xx

  4. These look great, my daughter loves all things Science so we’ll look out for this, she also enjoys painting her nails -double win!

  5. What a cool doll! Plus I had no idea you could mix nail varnish colours with eyeshadow- will have to try it!

  6. That's so cool. I'd have loved one of these x


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