Review: Miffy Picture Books

Little Sister’s word of the month has been "rabbit" (pronounced with a bit of a "b" at the front) so she loves the Miffy books we have been sent to review. She keeps turning the pages, pointing and excitedly saying "babbit". It is very cute. 

A small child holding a miffy book with another book in front of her.

We were sent copies of miffy at the gallery and miffy at the playground by Dick Bruna and translated into English by the poet Tony Mitton. The stories about Miffy, the instantly recognisable rabbit, are great for reading with children. They are in rhyme and have stories which encourage conversation. The minimal colour scheme of yellow, red, green, blue and black are great for younger children learning their colours and the words are simple enough that my eldest daughter (in Year 1) can read the books to her sister. The plots are simple, but engaging for toddlers with a rhythm which is great for babies too. Miffy at the gallery has also helped encourage a conversation with my eldest daughter about “what is art?”

Plot Overviews

A close up of a small child holding the miffy at the gallery book

miffy at the gallery

Miffy visits a modern art gallery with her parents where she see’s paintings and sculptures inspiring her to be an artist.

A toddler on a sofa looking at picture of miffy on a seesaw in the miffy at the playground book

miffy at the play-ground 

Miffy goes to the playground with her parents where she has fun on the swing, rings, horizontal bar, a climbing tree, slide, seesaw and trampoline.

A toddler on the sofa looking at the Miffy at the gallery book

The books are square, hardback books which are a great size for little people. With paper pages we have to take some care with my toddler, but they are holding up well.

These books appeal to all ages. Big Sister enjoys reading them herself and Little Sister loves to look at the pictures. I’m sure that soon Little Sister will start saying “Miffy” instead of “babbit”, but hopefully not before she learns to say her Big Sister’s name or the books may quickly become unpopular.  

***Disclosure: we were sent these books for the purpose of review, but all thoughts and opinions are our own. You can buy the Miffy books and more here. ***


  1. I love these books! They really capture your attention as the colours are so bright! Will definitely be taking a look at these x

  2. My two youngest love miffy . The books are so eye catching and a lovely easy bedtime read x

  3. D absolutely loved Miffy when she was a toddler, she still has a bunny love, lovely that there’s new stories x


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