Brilliant Present Ideas for 6, 7 and 8 year olds

If you are looking for inspiration about what presents to buy a boy or girl aged 6, 7 or 8 then you will find it here. I have pulled together suggestions for presents at a range of budgets so whether you are looking for a gift for Christmas, Birthday or other occasion this post should help.  

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Something Sweet

Children love sweets, but why give them a packet when you can give them a candy maker to make their own? This gummy candy maker combines entertainment, science and home economics as it allows children to make chewy sweets to their own recipe. There are 3 recipes included, but no ingredients in the box. We have made some gummy bears from fruit juice and gelatine, but you can add sugar and other flavours if you want. Currently £29.99 on Find Me A Gift.

There is a heating pot to warm your ingredients and when ready you pour the mixture into silicone moulds placed over ice (so the sweets set quickly). There is also a mould for a supersize jelly bear (just under 20cm). It’s worth giving this present with gelatine powder (or a vegetarian option) so they don’t have to wait to go shopping before having their first attempt.

A heating pot surround by silicone trays with bear, jelly and fish shapes and a large gummy bear mould

Something Crafty

I have seen lots of craft sets to make bags and purses, but very few as attractive and useful as this Cuckoo clock craft kit from The Makery. The pieces are all pre-cut and ready to stitch together. Assembly requires some concentration, but it isn’t too difficult. The end result looks great and is something they will be proud of. On sale for £9.95 The Makery have some fab craft kits for adults too.

The Makery Felt Cuckoo Clock Craft Kit box next to the contents including instructions, pre cut felt pieces, clock parts, cotton, ribbon and a needle

Something Arty

If you are buying for a child who prefers to draw than to craft how about a top from Selfie Clothing Co. In a range of designs including unicorns and dinosaurs (separate tops obviously, although a combined design could be interesting) the soft cotton tops come with permanent fabric pens. After using the practise sheet they can colour in the outlines on the top to make a unique piece of clothing. This is a fun way to give a child some clothes they can be proud of. Long sleeve tops cost £15 plus postage.

A long sleeve cream top with outlines of stars, unicorns and rainbows on, 6 fabric pens and the tube packaging

Something Cute

At some point every child claims they are too old for cuddly animals, but give them something that is cute, cool and collectable and they will quickly change their mind. These Itty bitty’s from Hallmark are a great present for 6, 7 and 8 year olds. They come in a range of super heroes and film characters (including Star Wars and Wizard of Oz) providing something to play with and cuddle. Priced around £6 each (affiliate link)

Small plush figures looking like super man and super girl

Something Musical 

This is a great age to give children their own CD player. Most children aged 6 plus are starting to be careful enough the CDs won’t get damaged straight away and they are developing their own music taste which you might or might not want to be in the room to listen to. My eldest daughter has an iPod, but it’s a challenge to make sure she doesn’t listen to it too loudly. You will definitely know if they turn the stereo up loud enough to hurt their ears, as will the neighbours. This boom box from Groov-e is easy to use, comes in a range of colours and is reasonably priced. £30 and under on Amazon (Affiliate link).

This is also a great age to learn an instrument, my eldest chose a guitar as a present for her 6th birthday which I appreciated as a better option than a recorder.

Purple stereo with 2 speakers and a cd player opening on top

Something To Drive

They might be too young to drive their own car (although the Young Driver experience is worth checking out), but they can be in control with a radio controlled one. The Nikko Radio controlled Veloci Trax from Toy State is really cool and really fast. It is designed to be multi-terrain and can do tricks including a 360 degree spin. Recommended for age 8 plus this vehicle is enjoyed by my 6 year old as much as my 40 plus year old. RRP £49.99

An all terrain radio controlled vehicle with tank like tracks and a remote control

Something To Build

Lego appeals to all ages, but from age 6 they should be able to follow instructions and tackle more complicated designs like this Coast Guard Headquarters which comes with offices, a moving radar dish, a resue card and helicopter (As well as cute shark, octopus and 7 mini figures). The RRP is £84.99, but Coast Guard Starter Set which includes a tower, beach buggy, a shark, 3 mini figures and accessories is only £8.99.
The Lego Coast Guard Headquarters set assembles including 2 boats, headquarters, helicopter , people and animals

Something Scientific

There are a great range of science sets available to make everything from slime to this great crystal set. This Crystal Growing Kit from Prezzybox is recommended from aged 10 due to the chemicals involved, but as a parent led activity it’s a great way to teach children chemistry. You mix together various chemicals and leave the crystals to grow in different shapes. There are 15 experiments to explore. Currently selling for £24.99

The packaging of a crystal growing kit recommended for age 10 plus gifted from PrezzyBox

Something Cool

Whether the child is still learning how to write or super confident this neon light writer from Prezzybox is a cool way to show off their skills and learn about electrical circuits. The set contains a peg board, pegs to spell out a word, a light up cable and step by step instructions (requires 2 AA batteries). It is slightly fiddly, but should be easy enough for most 6 year olds. Currently £12.99

The Neon Light Writer set and the box contents including cardboard peg board, pegs and neon lights

Something On 3 Wheels

The Maxi Micro Deluxe Scooter is ideal for ages 6 upwards (all the way to 70kg so I’ve even had a little go). The handle bars on this model are height adjustable and the whole design is really solid. A scooter is great to take out to the shops or on the school run as it encourages dawdlers to get moving faster, and if they decide they have had enough it is light enough to carry or hangs on a pushchair. This model currency retails for £124.95 (affiliate link)  and comes in a range of colours.

Purple scooter with pink highlights on decking

Something On Two Wheels

Aged 6 to 8 is the perfect age to learn to cycle if they haven’t already. Most bikes can still have stabilisers attached, but it might be worth skipping them and getting them to practise on just 2 wheels instead. Cycling is great exercise and a good family activity. 
A mint green children's bike with pink accents on the wheels

Something To Experience

If you have looked at everything on this list and it seems like the child has everything already why consider one of a wide range of gift experiences instead?  Buying a voucher for a day out like this one for Kidzania from Buy A Gift allows the flexibility that they can go at a time that suits them (or their parents), they can bring a friend or sibling and they will have happy memories that will last longer than the interest in many new toys. Kidzania in West London is the ultimate destination for role play. In a 4 hour session children can try 60 activities including working in a factory, being a fire man or working a fashion studio making it an unusual and fun day out. 

An envelope, a card, a printed description of the experience and a gift card for Kidzania from Buy a Gift

***Disclosure: This post contains a number of items given for the purpose of review. All items were hand selected and included because I genuinely think they make brilliant presents for 6, 7 and 8 year olds (boys and girls). I have double checked with my daughter and parents of similar aged children too. All information correct at the time of publishing.***


  1. There are some lovely present ideas here. I've got two 8 year old nieces so thank you so much for the inspiration!

  2. Brilliant ideas, I know my nephew would LOVE some of these! I especially love the colour your own t-shirt - I think I would even have fun wth that haha x

  3. Some great ideas, my daughter has her 8th birthday next month so this list is really inspiring.

  4. Definitely marking these on my "must buy" list for Freya's 8th birthday next June!

  5. We love our Micro scooters! All four of us have one, hubby included. Great family fun;)

  6. My children are 4 6 and 8 and I know they would love pretty much everything on your list, fab ideas x

  7. Oh my niece would adore that long sleeved tee to colour in. Aaron would love the Coastguard Lego set and I'd love him to have a New bike bless him he's grown out of his 16 inch one. What a superb gift guide x

  8. My kids love Itty Bitty's and you can never go wrong with Lego that boat looks pretty cool! We are huge Micro scooter fans here too well worth the money! Thanks for linking up with our #GiftGuideLinkUp

  9. I have never seen that lil gummy candy maker before. Such a neat idea.

  10. You cant go wrong with a Micro Scooter both my kids love them and that Buy a Gift Kidzania Voucher is a fantastic and different idea! Lego is an all-time favourite in our house too! Thanks for joining in with our #GiftGuideLinkUp AK x

  11. What a cute and wonderful ideas for the surprising gifts. I think these are the best kids gift ideas.


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