6 Reasons To Celebrate

Who would you like to party with next year? If you could spend a weekend with anyone who would it be? Every time I get together with a group of friends or family I have a great time and wonder why I don’t do it more often. There is something so rejuvenating about spending time around people you love and having fun together. I love to host parties, but my house isn’t really big enough and I spend so much time rushing around organising things for others that I miss out on a lot of the party. A better idea would be to hire somewhere, whether a local hall for a few hours or somewhere like www.partyhouses.co.uk where you can rent a whole house for a few nights. 

I would love to have a party, but what could I celebrate?

lighting  a birthday cake candle with a row of cards in front

Turning 40

That big milestone which always seemed like such an old age when I was a child is fast approaching. It’s a great excuse to celebrate and definitely shouldn’t be one of those birthdays which goes past with nothing more than a cake at home. When G turned 40 we went away on a dream holiday to Grenada, it was an amazing and perfect time with just the two of us. Now we have 3 children a dream holiday wouldn’t be quite the same so a celebration closer to home makes more sense.

Getting Married

When you get married it is expected that there will be parties right? From the engagement party right through to the wedding. Ok so despite near daily pestering G still refuses to marry me, but I am more optimistic for some of my single friends and family. As you get older celebrations like Hen Dos are often slightly calmer affairs; we have reached the age where we are more likely to have afternoon tea to celebrate than go clubbing all night. I will definitely be persuading friends to look at hen party houses as one way to celebrate the end of single life so that everyone can stay together and socialise at a more relaxed pace.

a wedding cake about to be cut by a bride and groom

Surviving The Baby Years

Not once, not twice, but three times I have been lucky enough to have children. It doesn’t matter how much I love them though, babies are hard work, especially when they are the non sleeping variety like mine. I think I’m ok that the baby days are nearly behind me and assuming I make it through these last precious few months intact it definitely feels like something to celebrate.

Sleeping Through The Night

This would definitely be a reason to celebrate, but I can’t see it happening and if it did I wouldn’t want to risk losing out on sleep by having a party just in case it didn’t happen again.

Having A Wonderful Family

I have lots of amazing people in my family who I never really see enough of. There are so many family members I only see at weddings or funerals, a more neutral party just to celebrate being family would be lovely.

Thank You Party

Hidden away inside my phone I have my little group of cheerleaders. They listen to me when I grumble with frustration, they cheer on my little wins and they provide guidance when I feel lost. Saying “thank you” never really feels like enough so a party would be a great way to show them how much they mean to me.

***Disclosure: This is a collaborative post***

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