Christmas Craft: Rudolph Reindeer Foot and Hand Prints

I originally published this Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer Footprint 7 years ago on my old blog when my eldest was 1! The post is no longer visible so I'm sharing the idea again for a bit of festive themed "reiny" day craft fun.

Rudolph the reindeer made from foot and hand prints
Rudolph made by a 1 year olds hands and foot
These prints make great cards, presents or Christmas decorations.

How To Make A Fun Christmas Reindeer Print With Babies and Toddlers

The design is simple: one footprint with two handprints at the top. For best results you want to swap the hands over so the right hand is on the left and vice versa.

  1. Place your piece of card on a hard surface, I find the floor easier than a raised surface.
  2. Paint a foot (either one is fine) with a thin layer of light brown paint and place it on the card with the heel near the bottom.
  3. Wipe the foot clean with a flannel or tissue.
  4. Paint the right hand with a thin layer of dark brown paint and place it down at an angle on the left of the footprint overlapping the toes slightly.
  5. Repeat with the left hand, but positioning on the right side of the foot.
  6. Leave the print to dry then stick on goggly eyes and a fluffy red pompom (affiliate links).

creating Rudolph the foot reindeer
How To Create Rudolph The Red Nose Foot Deer 

Tips for Creating the Reindeer Footprint with Young Children

I created this with my, then, 1 year old on an A4 piece of card. You might be able to get small feet on a smaller piece of card, but test out the best position and size of paper before you open the paints.

Do footprints on a few pieces of card before moving on to the hands incase the hand prints get very smudged.

Babies will need their feet positioning, but with toddlers you can show them where to play their foot and hands.

If the hands and feet are too big for an A5 card then take a photograph of the finished print and you can get it printed on to Christmas cards.

Christmas Crafts for Toddlers. Make a fun Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Painting

If you are looking for some other Christmas themed crafts to do with young children then check out these paper plate baubles and these lolly stick crafts. 

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