Review: Pop Pop Hair Surprise Crazy Hair Challenge

(AD - gifted) My eldest loves all the blind bag surprise toys and we have been gifted many amazing ones over the years. My daughters absolutely love them, but sometimes it feels like each new concept comes with more and more waste. I am growing increasingly conscious of the impact of toys that come packaged with a huge amount of plastic that can’t be reused, played with or recycled and a tiny toy inside so it was a relief to see the MGA Entertainment Pop Pop Hair Surprise toys we were sent to review were different. It felt like they have thought about how they can make their toys packaging more useable as well as fun.

We were challenged to see what sort of crazy hair designs we could create with the Pop Pop Hair Surprise toys we were sent, but before I share our design here is a bit more about the toys.

5 pop pop hair surprise toys in a row ready to review. They have big pink heads with large blue eyes and thin bodies
Pop Pop Hair Surprise Toys

What are Pop Pop Hair Surprise toys?

They are a new collectable toy from MGA Entertainment with a surprise element. When buying them you can see the outside of the toy only, but that gives you a chance to choose from one of the 8 designs. The outside of the toy is a hairbrush which hides the surprise elements inside. Every morning we struggle to find a hairbrush so having several more around the house is no bad thing.

A girl with long blonde hair brushing her hair with a Pop Pop Hair Surprise Hairbrush
The case of Pop Pop Hair Surprise are hairbrushes

What Do you Get In Pop Pop Hair Surprise toys? 

Open the clear plastic wrapping around the brush and you can pull out the handle (which is a spray bottle you fill with water) and open up the compartment behind the brush to reveal a fabric wrapped “pop pod”. You can open the hairbrush up on the hinge side easily enough, but to open it properly you need scissors . 
The pop pod parcel is tied together at the top with some string, but don’t cut that! You need to give the parcel a few sprays with the spray bottle and it will POP itself open to reveal a “pop roller”.
Unclip the roller and pull it apart to find out which Pop Hair Pet you have got. These littles figures are between 2 and 4cm tall with long colourful hair.  On their own they make fun little toys whose hair you can style with the included hair clips and bands, but they can also be used as pencil toppers or put in your hair with the (removable) hairband creating fun, colourful hair extensions. 

In Series 1 there are 8 different brushes you can collect and inside you will find one of 6 pop rollers which hide one of 13 different hair pets (unless you are lucky enough to get the super rare twins). The pets all have different long coloured hair which you can brush, braid or otherwise style with the included bands and clips. You can also put the pet inside the hairbrush with the hair sticking out the top to give that fun hair too.

The brush separates to reveal a spray bottle and includes a pop surprise parcel and little bag with clips and bands in
The Pop Pop Hair Surprise Contents (before popping)

After popping the parcel you get a pop roll (which is a plastic thing with a pop pets hair wound round it.
The Pop Pop Hair Surprise Contents (after popping)

Showing the contents of the pop pop hair surprise including twin pets in purple with long blue hair and blue with long pink hair
We got super rare twins in this one

A smiling girl in a pink polka dot flamenco dress holding 2 small pop pop surprise twins in her hands
Excited to have the super rare pop pop surprise twins

Crazy Hair Challenge

We had lots of fun experimenting with crazy hair styles and this is our finished design, do you like it? M can’t wait until it’s crazy hair day at school because Pop Pop Hair Surprise will make it so much easier.

A girl in a pin polka dot dress twirling round with pink, blue and white hair extensions in attached to the hair with a hairband on the pop pop surprise pets
Crazy girl, crazy hair

A girl with the hair extensions in from Pop pop hair surprise and holding two of the hairbrush outer shells
The packaging of the Pop Pop Hair Surprise is a hairbrush

An 8 year old looking to camera with colourful fake hair extensions attached by hairbands
Our crazy hair style

The Pop Pop Hair Surprise Toys have been a big hit in our house. They are suitable for age 3 and upwards and they appeal to both my daughters aged 3 and 8. Unfortunately Little still doesn’t have long enough hair for hairbands, but that doesn’t stop the toys being fun because she can style the Pop Hair Pet’s hair and play with the characters.

***Disclosure: We were sent a selection of Pop Pop Hair Surprise to create crazy hair fun. All thoughts are our own***

AD GIFTED POP POP HAIR SURPRISE REVIEW and image of girl with the toy
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