Frozen II Inspired Adventures With shopDisney

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“Come on, we are going on an adventure with Sven and Olaf” said Elsa.
“Where are we going?” her sister replied.
“The Magical Forbidden Forest. What do you think you should pack?”

Overhead photo of a girl dressed as Anna from Frozen 2 with the shopDisney range. She is writing in a notepad and has the contents of the plastic travel bag in front of her including money, a water bottle, mug, plates, sandwich, compass, coins and quill pen
Anna with the contents of her travel bag getting ready to go an adventure

Frozen captivated M’s heart right from the beginning. She was enthralled by the songs, the story and the Queen with the long blonde hair. I have memories of her at 3 years old running around and singing the line: “Let it Go” over and over out of tune. Fortunately her singing has improved over the years, but Frozen still holds a special place in our hearts. I have lost count of the number of times M and Little have taken on the roles of the sisters from Arendelle and now we are ready for a new adventure with the release of Frozen II.

"The Forest is dark, what if we get lost?" worried Elsa.
"We won’t get lost, I have a compass" said Anna patting her bag.
"What’s a compass?" 
"It shows you which way to go"
"So which way should we go now?"
"Let’s follow the path"

A 3 year old in Frozen 2 travel dress and Elsa wig and 8 year old in Anna log auburn wig and Anna shopDisney travel dress. They are heading into a forest with leaves on the floor
Anna and Elsa go into the Forbidden Forest

The singing anna and elsa dolls from Frozen 2 at shopDisney being played with on a tree stump in a forest by 2 girls dressed as the characters they are holding
Anna and Elsa dolls which sing when you twist their wrist

I have so many memories linked to the Frozen film. From M singing in the forest, to repeatedly jumping off a wall in our old house dressed as Anna. Then there was the Frozen themed birthday party of her friend where M had her photo taken with the princesses, it was the first time she was brave enough to go up to any  “characters”, although the adult size Olaf still scared her a little.

"Where has Olaf gone?" said Elsa.
"Didn’t you have him?"
"No, I’ve been looking after Sven, I thought you had him"
"Oh Olaf, he’s always getting into trouble"
"Yes, just like you"
"No, I’m not, you are so mean" says Anna stamping her feet in frustration.
"It’s true, remember that time you were playing on the beach and you got all the sea in your boots? We had to carry you home in a blanket"
"That was fun" giggled Anna, "look there is Olaf"
"How did he get up there and in all the brambles?" asked Elsa.
"Who knows, lets rescue him again"

A confused looking 3 year old looking at a soft olaf toy behind a fallen down tree, she is wearing a Frozen 2 dress and wig, holding a soft sven by the antler  and wearing a cross body white fluffy bag
Oh Olaf, how did you get there?

A shot of the back of the Frozen 2 Elsa travel dress and wig. Also visible is Olaf and Sven who are being cuddled
Olaf and Sven gets a cuddle after getting rescued by Elsa

I have bought several Frozen dresses over the years as M has grown. Each one has snags, rips and marks on; memories of all the adventures the girls have been on when they insisted on wearing the dresses. Disney princesses of old may have been more “princess like” but the Frozen sisters climb mountains, fall in streams and go on adventures in the forest. They are the inspiration for exploring and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

2 girls dressed in Anna and Elsa ShopDisney costumes and wigs from Frozen 2 are in a forest. Anna is wearing a travel bag and passing Elsa a water bottle
Sharing a pretend water bottle from Anna's Travel Set

Medium size Sven soft toy from shopDisney Frozen 2 range sitting on a tree stump in a forest in Autumn
Good old Sven

"Come on, I want to go home" says Anna.
"Yes, I’m hungry" replied Elsa.
"And I’m cold"
"I don’t get cold, but I do want some chocolate"
"Mmm chocolate" the girls say together.

A girl dressed as Anna playing with the singing Anna doll and soft Sven reindeer toy from shopDisney
Time to go home

The friendship between the sisters is so important. I grew up with an older sister and I have 2 daughters of my own. I know a sister means arguments and fighting, but it also means loyalty and lifelong friendship. It doesn’t matter what they go through, when one of them is hurt or upset the other one is there. The film shows the strength of sibling friendship that I see growing in my daughters day by day. We are so excited to watch Frozen II.

A 2 year old dressed as Elsa from Frozen 2 in a blue dress and white wig. She is wearing a crossbody bag with fluffy edge and gold snow flake design. The photo has a magical snow overlay
What would a Frozen adventure be without a bit of snowy magic?

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  1. I love the costumes, they are fab. We always buy our children a Disney Store dressing up outfit for xmas last year it was incredible outfits and this year they want Frozen and Marvel ones. I am so looking forward to the new frozen film coming out at the weekend x

    1. I must admit we have bought a combination of dresses from the Disney store and cheaper versions, but the Disney Store ones are always such great quality that it's worth that little bit extra. I would love to get Incredible outfits for my family, we totally identify as them right down to the cheeky baby Jack Jack. So excited for the new Frozen film too


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