Halloween and Half Term

Halloween is over and we should have enough bulk candies to last us until Christmas. This year we have fully embraced Halloween (in a fun and friendly way that hasn’t involved any tricks or scary aspects). We have been to 3 pumpkin “patches” (the very instagrammable Pumpkin Picking Village at Marsh Farm, Cammas Hall and Thursford Pumpkin House), I have made a pumpkin tagine in partnership with Knorr (see Instagram post below), I have carved a pumpkin for my children for the first time, we made Halloween bunting, I made pumpkin cake and pumpkin puree (which is in the freezer) and last but not least we went Trick or Treating. And all of that was with the girls wearing their witches outfits from last year, almost frugal!

two children in witches outfits on a doorstep outside a closed front door with 3 pumpkins visible
"Trick or treat" actually translates as "sweets please"

It definitely feels like Halloween is getting bigger each year in the UK, by which (or should that be witch?) I probably mean more commercial as companies realise it’s a great opportunity to bring in more money. There were pumpkins absolutely everywhere and I’m slightly worried about the impact of that, but I at least know mine are being well used (entertainment and food). 

I’m not against the growth of Halloween. I’m not a big fan of Autumn with the shorter days and drizzle so the happy orange pumpkins filling my Instagram timeline have been good to see. And I’m never against sweets, not if I get to eat them. Fun Halloween days out are good too. 

Now Halloween is out of the way I am feeling a bit adrift. The spider webs I have been cultivating in my home for months really need to be feather dustered away and the spiders cast out. I won’t be putting up my Christmas decorations until December (probably), but I suspect I will start focusing on the sparkle of “the most magical time of the year” pretty soon, not least because we have a very exciting Press Visit to see Father Christmas at the weekend.

A 3 year old using an orange scoop to remove the pumpkins seeds from a pumpkin
I had help to scoop out the pumpkin seeds (which we then roasted and ate)

a lit up pumpkin in a dark room with star shapes all over it
Our pumpkin all carved and lit up

Me and my younger 2 children getting in the halloween spirit by pulling faces. The girl is wearing a witches outfit and the baby boy a t-shirt with a skeleton print
All ready for Halloween

October Half Term

Today is the first day back to school after all the half term activities. Baby Boy is temporarily napping (I don’t expect that to last for long though as learning to stand is causing some havoc with his sleep), the cat is napping and I am enjoying the peace surrounded by toys that haven’t yet been tidied away after a long wet weekend. The calm is a wonderful thing to savour.

After we got back from our long weekend in Norfolk we had a pretty quiet week other than the Halloween activities on Thursday. The weather hasn’t been great and the girls have been enjoying playing with their toys. We haven’t even been to a fireworks display which is very unlike me. I love fireworks, but I decided that it was going to be too much this year to keep the younger two up past their bedtime. I haven’t even seen any out of the windows although I have heard the relentless banging. On Saturday the fireworks were still going on after 10pm which seems a little much. My poor cat found her annual hiding hole behind the sofa and has spent most evenings there. It’s not some where she goes at any other time, not even when Baby Boy is chasing her.

I’m writing this on 5th November so I know there will be plenty more fireworks tonight and next weekend. I’m grateful that other than the hiding my cat isn’t too traumatised and my children mostly sleep though them. They wake up at pretty much everything else, but fireworks they sleep though.

(AD - Gifted) New Poopsie Slime Surprise Magazine

I forgot to mention in my last diary post about the great new magazine the girls were sent from Egmont Publishing. The first issue of the Poopsie Slime Surprise magazine was published on 23rd October and it’s great for any fans of Poopsie. Having reviewed the original Poopsie Slime Surprise Unicorn and recently been to a Poopsie Pop Up Boutique to see the latest items in the range I knew the girls would love it. It has stickers, a notepad and pen, word searches, colouring and more. It’s available from all the normal places you get magazines.

2 happy children in party hats in front of bunting holding Poopsie Slime Surprise Magazines issue 1
Loving the new Poopsie Slime Surprise Magazine (gifted from Egmont Publishing)

I love it when Egmont Publishing send us gifts as they always take such care to ensure the girls will enjoy it. To celebrate the new magazine they send us some items to have a party including bunting, rainbow sweets, a rainbow cake mix and party hats (although my eldest was convinced they were unicorn horns). The package and magazine have really helped with some of the rainy days over half term.

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