Review and Giveaway: Poopsie Slime Surprise Cutie Tooties and Poop Packs

(AD - Gifted review) When we first got a rainbow unicorn that pooped slime to review I knew from my daughter’s reaction that the Poopsie Slime Surprise toys were on to a winning formula. Along with several new larger slime toys they have a growing selection of smaller slime blind bag style collectables aimed at 6 years plus that RRP for around £10 making them great pocket money options. We were sent a few of the latest Poopsie Slime Surprise products to review. 

We received a Cutie Tootie and 2 Poopsie Slime Surprise Poop Packs. So what is the difference between the Poopsie toys? What do you get in the packs? And do you really need more slime toys? 

A girl opening a toy Poopsie Surprise Poop Pack can with pink slime inside and with an "ooo" expression on her face
Reviewing Poopsie Slime Surprise Poop Pack Drop 3

Poopsie Cutie Tooties and Poop Packs Review

Poopsie Cutie Tooties Surprise

What Are Poopsie Cutie Tooties Surprise?

Cutie Tooties are the only one of the Poopsie range (that I know of) that comes with the slime ready made. This toy is a sparkly poop shaped container with slime and a little character inside which is scented. To get the slime and toy out you can cut the top of the container off or pull open an opening in the bottom. The containers are all different colours and you can see this through the packaging, but you won’t know what is inside until you open it. 

In Drop 2 there are 25+ Cutie Tooties to collect and 30+ different slimes. We got the Ultra Rare Lighting Cutie Tootie with rainbow slime. There are different types of slime and I think ours was the putty one.

A sparkly pink poop shaped contained with black eyes, multicoloured putty slime and a small white unicorn figure were in our Poopsie Cutie Tootie Surprise drop 2 toy
Poopsie's Cutie Tooties

What Did We Think of Cutie Tooties Surprise?

We decided to open it via the opening at the bottom so the sparkly poop container is still useable (although it doesn’t reseal well enough to keep the slime inside). We pulled the slime out and a little character which was protected in a little plastic packaging. The slime in our toy was really pretty rainbow colours.

Not having to make the slime meant it could be played with straight away (it takes 15/ 20 minutes to make the slime in the other products), but my daughter finds making it half the fun. Our slime was pretty dry and not very easy to play with. There is definitely play potential with the sparkly poop container and the small Cutie Tootie, but apart from briefly after opening they haven’t yet been played with by my children. This surprises me because the Cutie Tooties are a similar size to other collectibles like Hatchimals and should be popular so hopefully they'll come back to it at some point.

Poopsie Slime Surprise Poop Packs

A girl pulling a slightly manic face and posing with the Poopsie Surprise Poop Pack box
Poopsie Slime Surprise Fast Food Themed Poop Pack

What Are The Poopsie Slime Surprise Poop Packs?

We received 2 different Poopsie Slime Surprise Poop Packs, one from drop 2 (or series 2) and one from the latest: drop 3. The latest poop packs are fast food themed with a burger box and fries packet inside. This version has 2 unicorn food packets inside so you can make 2 types of special dough slime, where as in drop 2 you only make one lot of slime. Other than this both poop pack’s were pretty similar: they contain some type of bottle or food packet with lid to make your slime in, a keychain container which slime can be stored in, a spoon or stirrer, measuring cup, scent, slime ingredients and decor for the slime which might be glitter, foil, foam beads etc depending on the pack.

A girl looking at the round tub like packaging of Poopsie Slime Surprise Poop Pack Drop 2
Poopsie Slime Surprise Poop Pack Drop 2

A girl looking at various sachets attached to cardboard wrapped around a plastic tub
Opening the packaging of the drop 2 Poopsie Slime Surprise Poop Pack

Inside Poopsie Poop Pack drop 2 you get: a play drink container, measuring cup, keychain, spoon, scent in a bottle, unicorn food, unicorn magic, unicorn bling and in ultra rare ones unicorn sparkle
The contents of Poopsie Slime Surprise Poop Pack Drop 2 (unicorn sparkle only in ultra rare ones)

A girl opening Opening Poopsie Slime Surprise Drop 3 Poop Pack which is cardboard based with plastic sachets inside
Opening Poopsie Slime Surprise Drop 3 Poop Pack

the contents of the drop 3 poop pack include a small cardboard burger box, small fries packet, 2 lots of unicorn food, unicorn magic and a spoon, measuring cup, scent and drink carton in sparkly plastic packaging
The contents of the Drop 3 Poop Pack

What Did We Think Of The Poopsie Slime Poop Packs?

There are a few differences between how you make the slime (eg in drop 2 you shake it and in drop 3 you stir until there are no lumps) but they are both pretty straight forward to make if you follow the instructions. If you lose the instructions by the way you can find the manuals online on the MGAE website

Due to getting the Ultra Rare “Dump in the night” in our drop 2 we were unfortunate enough to get glitter. It’s pretty, but it goes EVERYWHERE and sticks to EVERYTHING. Plus I don’t think it stays in the slime very well while playing either. I much prefer it when we aren’t lucky enough to get glitter. 

The latest version has a bit less plastic in the packaging which is good to see so there was less plastic to throw away and it is great that there are 2 lots of slime to make when it is generally on sale for the same price as the previous version. 

After the slime was made and played with though the real hit with these poop packs was the bottle you use to make the slime in, my children have been playing with these all week.

A girl carefully putting a few drops of scent into a container while making the Poopsie Surprise Slime
Pouring the scent into the drink container to make slime (Drop 3).

A girl opening a container with freshly made slime in
After mixing everything together you leave the slime to develop for 15 to 20 minutes, then open it up

A table, hands and slime covered in large particle silver glitter
Glitter is only in the ultra rare and ultra ultra rare Drop 2 Poop Packs

Close up of child's hands mixing in a white unicorn magic powder into bright pink slime with silver glitter
Adding in the Unicorn magic which adds a shimmer to the slime

Close up of slime being mixed together with hands
Mixing it all together

Slime twisted around hands
The slime gets less sticky as worked

A keychain storage container with yellow slime being put inside from drop 3 Poopsie Slime Surprise
Putting foam  Drop 3 slime into the storage container

What Do We Think Are The Best Poopsie Slime Surprise Products?

We love Poopsie and have previously received the Poopsie surprise unicorn to review. When it comes to the smaller “pocket money” toys we have also had the Unicorn Crush (which I wasn’t a fan of) and a Sparkly Critter one. My favourite of all of these is the Sparkly Critter because once the slime is gone this has the most to play with (my children even love to play with the rotating wardrobe style packaging it comes in). The bottles and spoons that came with the Poop Packs reviewed above have been played with a lot too so I would also buy these. There continue to be new and interesting products from Poopsie so it will be interesting to see what is available next.

You can buy Poopsie Slime Surprise from Smyths, Amazon and other toy stores.
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***Disclosure: We were provided with these products for honest review and giveaway. All thought are our own***

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