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I quite like cleaning. Once upon a time that would have been a strange thing to say, possibly even considered anti-feminist, but these days cleaning has managed to become fashionable. Mrs Hinch and her army as well as lesser known lovers of shiny homes on social media have made it a thing. YouTube and social media is full of speed cleaning videos and cleaning hacks with 1000s of views. I like cleaning and I love a tidy house, but when you have children and a busy life it feels like having a immaculate home is like trying to achieve the impossible.

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I’ve seen it on social media (ha!) so it must be possible to have a spotless house when you have children but I honestly don’t see how unless you spend all your time cleaning. I can tidy a room, briefly leave it to get the vacuum only to return to find toys strewn all over the floor again. My family are not tidy people, and I don’t mind a bit of mess, but underneath the mess I want it to be clean.

It wasn’t much easier to keep the house clean when my eldest was at nursery and I went out to work in London everyday, but I discovered the answer: getting a cleaner. It was wonderful to get home to a spotless house that I hadn’t had to lift a finger to do. No matter how bad the day was knowing that I was guaranteed a clean house that evening was great. 

All cleaners are not created equal. Two people can clean the same space and the end result will not look the same. How thorough the clean is doesn’t necessarily relate to how long it takes either. I can guarantee my partner will take twice as long to do the kitchen as me, but I’ll still go in and find bits he’s missed. You don’t want to feel like that when you have paid someone for the service so it’s worth choosing the right cleaner for you.

What To Think About When Looking For A Cleaner

Do you want a company or any individual? 

It is great to have the same person cleaning your house each week so they know what you want doing, but what happens if they are unwell or on holiday? A company like Anyclean which cover all of London and areas inside the M25 can ensure you have your home cleaned each week by the same person, but they will also send an alternative when they are unavailable.

Do they need accreditation and insurance?

The school mum you know might do a great job, but what happens if she accidentally damages something? A cleaning company with accreditation and that ensures their cleaners have insurance will mean you are in safe hands if anything goes wrong. 

A cleaning guarantee?

What happens if you aren’t happy with the quality of clean? Will the cleaner come our and make it better for free or will they charge? 

Do you want them to bring their own cleaning materials or use yours?

There may be additional charges if they bring their own products and equipment.

What checks do you need to do?

If you are going to let someone into your home, especially when you aren’t there, you need to be able to trust them. If you are employing a cleaner directly you will need to speak to multiple other customers, you might also want to give them a trial before committing to a contract. If using a company ask what checks they carry out before employing their cleaners.

What jobs do you want them to do?

You can expect all domestic cleaners to do a general house clean, but they may or may not cover tasks like ironing, cleaning ovens and washing up. Check what is available.

As parents we never seem to have enough time, but having a cleaner is one way we can get time back. It doesn’t mean our homes will always be tidy but it will give us a few hours back each week that we can use to play with our children or to just feel a little less overwhelmed.

***Disclosure: this is a collaborative post (AD)***

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