Little's 4th Birthday and A Quiet Week

Last week was Little’s birthday and a bit of a family week.

Little opening a 4th birthday batman card with some presents visible including Blume dolls and Tegu classics
Happy 4th Birthday Little

Baby Boy's Naps At 1 Years Old

On the Monday my Dad came over. He lives fairly close by but I don’t see him that often. It was nice to catch up and it also meant Baby Boy got to have a decent nap. He has taken to going down for his nap later and on the days where he sleeps over an hour I generally have to wake him up to go out. On the Monday he had a mammoth nap and got to sleep on undisturbed because I could leave my Dad at home with him while I picked the car up from it’s MOT (it passed!) and Little from nursery.

At around 1 years old babies tend to transition from 2 naps to 1, but Baby Boy and I never managed to get him down for that second nap so until recently he would have one long nap when we got back from the school run. This timing meant missing out on baby groups but was otherwise great timing for us both because I got time to work. He now wants to have a nap slightly later which clashes with nursery run. If he only has a short nap he wants a second nap at a time which clashes with school pick up (3rd child problems).

Celebrating Little's 4th Birthday

Tuesday was Little’s fourth birthday. Her Dad took the day off work, Little took the day off nursery and we all went to 360 Play in Basildon where we met up with her Grandparents. She had such a great time there. We last went just after she turned 2 as a review and she enjoyed it, but she was able to appreciate it even more now. It wasn’t too busy because it was a school day so she could do whatever she wanted. I spent much of my time looking after Baby Boy and I also started to feel a bit poorly so I didn't see much of her. I also left with Baby Boy to pick up M from school while the others went by McDonalds (as requested by Little) and they didn't even bring me an apple pie! 

M was upset when she saw me as she realised she had forgotten to make her sister a card. I told her it was fine and she should have a half hour or so before the got back, at which point she decided she was over it and she would rather spend that time playing on her iPod Touch.

When everyone else got back Little made a chocolate cake with her Grandpa and we had a Chinese takeaway. I still didn’t feel great, but the Chinese definitely helped. It’s a rare treat these days and one I made the most off (I might have eaten most of the prawn crackers).

A girl dressed as Batman in a play pizza restaurant at 360 Play Basildon Essex
Batman serving fast food at 360 Play

Baby Boy in a colourful deep Ball Pool at 360 Play in Essex
Baby Boy in the Ball Pool

A Quiet Week

The rest of the week past pretty uneventfully for us, but G was unwell. He had started to feel achy earlier in the week but by Thursday his muscles were so sore he had to have a couple of days off work. This is very unlike him. It was nice to have him around, but I had to remember he was effectively useless for doing anything other than playing a computer game.

On Thursday afternoon Little, Baby Boy and I went to visit a childminder. She is the mum of one of M’s friends and I have known her for a few years. Little is going to start going to her for 3 hours a week on our busiest day to make it a bit less disruptive to baby boy. My hope is he also gets to nap better and I can get work done. Little was a bit shy initially but soon realised there was a whole load of new toys to play with so it was hard to get her to leave. Hopefully she will love going there.

With G recovering we had a quiet weekend at home. I managed to get a few things ticked off my to do list, but G still wasn’t up to much so I couldn’t leave him alone for to look after the 2 children while I got on with stuff. I did the urgent things and everything else can wait.

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