Review: Trying Reflexology with Lisa Russell Health & Wellbeing in Loughton

(AD Gifted) If you are looking for reflexology in a calming environment in Loughton, Essex with a fully trained and friendly person then I recommend visiting Lisa Russell Health & Wellbeing. She offers flexible appointment times which will suit those who work or who need weekend appointments. She is able to offer reflexology on the face as well as feet and she uses the natural and amazing smelling Neal’s Yard products in her treatment.

I was invited to have my first reflexology appointment at Lisa’s home treatment room. It was a great experience and I am happy to recommend her. Lisa is also a Neal’s Yard Remedies Consultant, but there is no expectation to buy from her.

a photo of Lisa Russell doing reflexology on my feet in Loughton, I have a grey soft blanket on and red toe nails
My first reflexology appointment with Lisa Russell in Loughton, Essex

What is Reflexology? 

For those of you, like me, who haven’t had reflexology before you might just know it is something to do with massaging feet. It is a holistic complementary therapy that uses massage and pressure on the body (primarily feet, but it can also be done on the hands and face) to improve wellbeing. Different points in the treated areas correspond with areas of the body. It is believed that treatment can release energy blockages to help restore balance and enhance relaxation. It is potentially helpful for mood, sleep problems and pain. There is not sufficient scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of treatment due to a lack of suitable studies, however many people report anecdotally an improvement in a wide range of issues.

What Was My First Experience Of Reflexology Like?

The whole experience was calming. After welcoming me in to the studio I took my shoes and socks off and Lisa put my feet in a soothing foot spa while she took my medical history and we talked about what she could help with. At the time of visiting I had the beginning of a cold and blocked sinuses as well as feeling my digestive system was sluggish. Next Lisa dimmed the lights, reclined the chair and got to work. 

Lisa is friendly and easy to talk to, but after taking the details you are encouraged to relax (and not talk) so reflexology is great for people that don’t want to make small talk during a treatment. I find some times it’s hard to know when you are expected to make conversation and when you aren’t so it’s great to have the permission to stay quiet.

Lisa used a combination of massage and pressure to work various points while I lay back and relaxed. It felt nice and, as a side note for those who are ticklish, the pressure means that it isn’t uncomfortable. Interestingly on one of my feet I could feel it more than the other. It’s a strange sensation and one that I have felt occasionally with acupuncture, but at times the touch on my feet could be felt in other parts of my body.

Feet in a foot spa before reflexology treatment

How I Felt After Reflexology

After the treatment Lisa provided feedback on the blockages she found and I was encouraged to drink lots that afternoon. She also warned I might feel tired that evening.

My sinuses felt noticeably clearer and I felt less gassy for a day or 2. I had prior plans to go climbing that afternoon, but I took it easy and I did feel tired that evening (although lets face it as a mum of 3 with a none sleeping child I always feel tired). At some point the next day my cold took hold so I spent a lot of time resting. This was pretty much inevitable and probably meant I missed out on the full benefits of the treatment. Reflexology can bring a cold to the surface to help the body eliminate it from the body. Interestingly I have recovered from my cold far quicker than my partner and it is usually the other way round.

Would I Recommend Reflexology?

It was lovely to have some time out from home to relax and have someone focus on me for a change. I find it hard to switch off and I am always doing several things at once or on my phone, but I tried my hardest to clear my mind during the treatment. I saw huge improvements with my migraines from acupuncture years ago, but before that I wouldn’t have been open to experiencing reflexology as anything more than for relaxation. I now believe that reflexology can be helpful. I doubt a single treatment isn’t going to have a huge or long term effect, but I believe it’s worth exploring.

Lisa Russell Health & Wellbeing Appointments in Loughton

Lisa charges £40 for a foot reflexology treatment (1 hour) and £55 for foot and facial reflexology (1 hour 15 minutes). Initial appointments may be slightly longer due to taking a history. You can get 10% off your first treatment. She has advanced training in pregnancy and fertility reflexology, but offers treatment for all conditions.

Contact Lisa to book an appointment by calling 07930 316 604, emailing and visit her Instagram for more information.

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