Top Ways To Make Your Home Child Friendly

Trendy pieces and hot decor are excellent ideas for most people, but as a parent adding elegant touches to your home can feel impossible or unrealistic. Most homes are designed to cater more for adults than kids, though the trend is expected to change. 

Here are some splendid ideas that you can adopt to make your home a child-friendly environment that you will enjoy too.

A bright and fresh looking children's room with bunk beds

The term 'child-friendly' home might scare you, as you probably feel it involves renouncing your style or abandoning the latest trends. However, it is possible to balance between real and fashionable. These are the ways to go about organising your home while putting children in mind.

Furnishings for kids

If you prefer not to use patterns and colours on rugs and furniture, it is okay to avoid the stains that kids' muddy shoes will bring home, there are other ways to go about this. You might implement the off-at-the-door policy or a more desirable one: flooring, which will help make life more comfortable. 

Wood floors are strong and easy to tidy up without being too tough on kids' knees or heads. Jute rugs, whether on hard floors or over carpets, are sturdy and easily cleaned. As for wool, it is also a possible option that is soft to sit on and easy to clean (as you will probably be sitting for several hours playing with toys).

Take a look at the placement

Consider different levels of shelving and display surfaces as a better alternative to packing away all your valuable belongings. Put everyday things on lower levels and your treasured or luxury articles at the top, away from curious little hands. 

One of the best ways to keep your most precious items safe (and even neat, as they will gather less dust) is to store them in an enclosed unit. 

Add some fun elements

You've got to add some silly elements to your home to make the atmosphere look less serious. Such fun will amuse not only you but also your guests and kids. For instance, you can paste an art print like a small wallpaper on the wall. Everyone needs a brief period of a fun time, so ensure that you include a silly element in your home.

Give them a space to read and play

Children are always active. Their minds are always busy too. Kids like it if you encourage them to have time to chill out and look at picture books. To achieve this, you may need to buy some beanbags and place them in a used corner along with a small bookshelf.

Alternatively, get some floor cushions and picture rails to display books in a corner of their bedroom.

You will experience a win-win situation if you give your kids their space (such as a playroom) where they can craft a storm, play with Lego, draw and paint. Besides, it keeps them creative. It is noteworthy that proper storage is the key to creating a healthy kids-only space. 

You can build or buy a cube unit with different boxes for toys, blocks, craft products, and dress-ups

Arrange the storage

What's the number one rule of thumb for an elegant family home? The answer is storage. You need enough space to put away all kinds of materials that children come home with. So why not be creative with your storage and give it a befitting look?

A shelving unit is fantastic, with a blend of open and closed storage for displaying the things you want people to see and hiding other pieces. 

Make their space as natural as possible.

Though you might have a few plants scattered around your property, instilling in your kids the awareness and commitment to look after their plants is fantastic.

Visit a garden centre, let them select a pot and plant. You could even choose an affordable terracotta pot for your kids to paint and decorate. 

Display their masterpieces

Kids love sharing their masterpieces with others. Though it is practically impossible to keep every drawing or thing they create, you can pick a few of their best masterpieces and display them in large frames. Replace the pictures in the big frames every few months. 

Hang a piece of string with wooden pegs in your kids' room, playroom, or family space. Children are happy when you showcase their efforts and achievements. Various options are suitable for every interior style.

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