What have I been searching for (on Google) recently?

Don’t you just love the internet? When I was a child and I wanted to know the answer to something I would ask my parents and might be encouraged towards an encyclopaedia or the library. I remember when we installed Encyclopaedia Britannica on to my PC and suddenly I had a wealth of information at my finger tips. Now any time I want to know ANYTHING I just give it a quick Google (other search engines do exist, ha).

A 4 year old girl with a butterfly on her hand and looking at it closely letting the insectlore butterfly go
Saying goodbye to our butterflies 

So what have I been Googling recently?

If you go to the Google homepage and settings you can see your search history. Below are just a few of the hundreds of things I have searched for in the last month (mostly on my phone). I think these give a pretty good insight into my life as a mum of 3.

“How much coffee do you put in a cafetière?”

About 7g per cup apparently. Every where seems to recommend you get a scoop, but I’m just throwing in a heaped teaspoon and a bit more for my little cafetière.


My middle daughter was asking what a bonnet looked like so I pulled some up on Google images, I can’t remember why she was asking now though. 

“I wouldn’t have nothing if I didn’t have you lyrics”

Someone quoted this song on Instagram and I Googled it to see if the actual lyrics were really as uncomfortably written with a double negative.

“Convert 40 euros to GBP”

I keep being offered low amounts in euros for blog work, I thought I would double check in case the exchange rate has changed and it’s suddenly a reasonable amount of money for the work they are asking. Nope.

“Minimum wage UK 2020”

My next thought after the currency conversion.

“Batman Face Mask UK”

Having decided to get face masks for my daughters I thought I would look at getting Little a batman one. Etsy came up trumps (I ordered from this shop, affiliate link) and it arrived today. She loves blue and Batman so I thought the old style print would be good for her.

A 4 year old girl in a handmade old school batman print face covering/ covid 19 mask
Loving her new batman face mask

“Jolly phonics i”

I’m always checking what the songs are for each of the jolly phonics

“Words that start with i for kids”

Each day last week I set up a table with a letter and lots of objects starting with that letter. It was easy for t, not so easy for i.

“Shimmer and Shine toys”

I never can remember which one is which and Little was asking me to play with some. Shimmer is the one with pink hair.

“How to tell the gender of a butterfly”

Having looked after ours from Insect lore from caterpillars to butterflies my middle one had questions about whether they were girls or boys. I thought the suggestion to watch them and see which one lays eggs wasn’t very helpful, more interesting was that females often have a bigger body because they carry eggs, they often have larger wings too.

“Convert 6.5kg to pounds”

Checking just how much weight I’ve gained in lockdown, about a stone apparently.

“Olaf IMDB”

While listening to the Frozen 2 soundtrack I suddenly realised that Olaf is voiced by the same actor as LeFou in the live action Beauty and the Beast (Josh Gad). 

“MMR side effects”

Baby Boy had his delayed one year immunisations at the end of June so now I search every time something happens to see if it might be a side effect of the MMR.

And finally

18 Month Sleep Regression

Because arghhhhhh!

I would love to know some of what you have learnt via search engines recently.

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