Review & Giveaway: Mysteries In Time History Subscription Box For Children

(AD Gifted) My eldest is in Year 3, but hasn’t been able to go to school for months. She gets set work from the school and the internet is full of learning resources, but when I try to sit her down to do these she sees them as “school work” and doesn’t want to do them. The magic of receiving a parcel in the post full of bright, glossy printed materials was enough for her to ask to explore them straight away. We were sent The Mysteries In Time Subscription box for review and they are also providing a 3 month subscription for one of my readers to win.

An 8 year old girl reading a magazine about ancient Egypt from the mysteries in time subscription box which is open next to her
Discovering the Mysteries In Time Subscription Box for Kids

About Mysteries In Time - The Fun History Based Children’s Subscription Box

Aimed at 7 to 11 year olds the Mysteries in Time Subscription boxes are a fun way to teach children about key periods in history. Each box looks at a different era and the first box is all about Ancient Egypt. Our Bumper Box contained: a short story book (50 pages), a history magazine containing puzzles, activities and colouring in as well as articles, a bookmark, sticker sheet, world map with timeline, sphinx pen and air drying clay to make an amulet. 

The world map comes in the first box, but is used each month to help children identify the countries they are learning about and they get a sticker to add to a timeline at the bottom. The Classic Pack doesn’t contain the history related gift or the craft inspired by that moment in history (these may vary from what we received), but is great if you want a package that will fit through your letter box (the postage is cheaper too). 

A primary school age child holding a teal and white cardboard history subscription box
The Bumper Box comes in a personalised cardboard box

The contents of the Mysteries in Time Ancient Egypt Bumper size subscription box includes a map, booklet, magazine, postcard, stickers, pen and book
What is in the first Mysteries In Time Bumper Box?

Our Mysteries in time Ancient Egypt craft was air drying clay and stick on jewels to make an amulet
The Bumper Box contains craft materials

Mysteries In Time Subscription Box Review

When my daughter opened the box (designed to look like a time machine) she said “it contain’s mysteries and reading so it is perfect for me”. She happily spent time on her own exploring the box and going on an adventure with Max and Katie who receive a time machine and travel back in time to solve the mystery of a missing child. 

My nearly 9 year old is an advanced reader for her age and read the book quickly and easily, finding it engaging enough to read the book in one sitting (unlike some of her school books). If your child is a less confident reader and not yet reading chapter books they might need a little help, but the book is an accessible length, font clear and well spaced with regular pictures. 

The accompanying magazine provides more information about Ancient Egypt as well as 8 pages of activities. M complained that a couple of the puzzles in the magazine were too easy, but others are more challenging so I think there is plenty to entertain children across the target age group.

For my daughter and her current attitude to learning the materials were great, but she has so far been reluctant to complete the craft. Our bumper box contained 4 colours of air clay and some stick on jewels to make an amulet, but she wanted more directions on how to design the amulet because she is currently lacking confidence in her art abilities. We are leaving this for when she feels more inspired. Overall my daughter loved the Ancient Egypt Mysteries in Time Box and she wants to subscribe to the rest of the boxes.

A girl investigating the Mysteries in Time subscription box she received to review
The first box comes with a large world map with time line at the bottom

pointing to the timeline sticker for ancient Egypt placed on the Mysteries in Time world map
Adding the sticker for Ancient Egypt to the timeline

A child engrossed in the Ancient Egypt adventure story book which comes in the Mysteries in Time subscription box
Learning about Ancient Egypt through reading an adventure story

How Much Does The Mysteries In Time Subscription Box Cost?

The cost of the boxes depends on which size box you go for and whether you pay monthly or prepay (options are for 3 months, 6 months or 12). The Classic Box costs from £7.95 if you pay monthly to the equivalent of £6.45 a month if you pay for a year in advance, postage is in addition and they post world wide (UK postage is currently £0.95 per box). The Bumper Box costs £12.95 if paid monthly through to the equivalent of £11.45 if paid 12 months in advance (UK postage is £2.95 a box).

I love that the box built on my daughter’s existing knowledge of Ancient Egypt with enough information to help her learn more. The information is slightly gruesome in places, as appeals to this age group, and concepts are well explained without being too simplified. My daughter loves coming out with facts she has picked up and taught me a few things too. 

The world map and timeline is a great way of adding context to what they are learning about each month. It’s really big so they can easily see all the countries and I think it will be great to see the stickers get added to the timeline so they understand how comparatively long ago events happened. Other boxes cover periods including: the Elizabethans, Victorians, World War 2 and even Space Travel.

To find more and subscribe to Mysteries in Time check out their website. If you would like to win a 3 month subscription to Mysteries in Time you just need to enter via the widget below before midnight Friday 24th July 2020. UK entry only, full T&C's in the widget.

Reading the adventure story book to learn about Ancient Egypt it contains good size text for free readers and some images
Enjoying the Mysteries In Time Box sent for review


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