Hair Today, Lasered Tomorrow

A common procedure for getting rid of unwanted hair is laser hair removal. It is easy on the skin and effective when you use a trusted clinic so it's not surprising laser hair removal is a process that has caught the beauty world by storm. Laser hair removal isn't the fastest method of removing hair, but it is has lasting effects, leaving behind a line of happy and satisfied customers.

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Why Is Laser Hair Removal So Popular?

Normally however you get rid of unwanted hair it comes back. A lot of people are troubled with hair on areas that they want to get rid of right away. With waxing and bleaching and even threading, it needs to be done regularly because the hair regrows and when it does it can feel harder and rougher than before. The hair removal processes can lead to sore skin, rashes and ingrowing hairs making further treatments more uncomfortable. With clients unhappy with other methods to remove unwanted hair the initial time investment of laser hair removal becomes a convenient option.

So Why Laser Hair Removal?

With the technical precision of lasers therapists can perfectly pull out each strand of hair from its roots in nanoseconds. The skin is well taken care of with a number of tests done before the actual laser hair removal procedure. With the hair texture, colour and skin sensitivity known; lasers can handle the hair removal with a frequency of about quarter of a skin patch every second. Because the lasers are most effective on follicles in the growth stage you do get some regrowth initially and a series of treatments are needed before the unwanted hair is gone permanently. Laser hair removal is particular popular on smaller, sensitive areas like the face and bikini line. The beam burns each hair follicle so unwanted patches of hair are removed for a lot longer than the usual waxing and threading methods.

For a lot of patients who are desperate to get rid of unwanted hair, for example from the back, neck, shoulders and even the chest and face, laser hair removal works wonders for them. Hair on the upper lip can be removed in under a minute and larger areas like the legs and the thighs could take up to an hour.

A Few Things To Know Before You Head For The Beam

Before you head for the first consultation, there are a few things you need to know:
Avoid threading, waxing, plucking or electrolysis for at least 6 weeks before your treatment. Lasers directly stunt the hair roots; plucking or waxing may remove them temporarily and the laser may not be as effective. 
Avoid the sun before and after the procedure. Exposing the skin to the sun weakens the effect of a laser and skin can be temporarily more sensitive afterwards. 
Be sure you choose the right dermatologist; one that has the right knowledge and experience. They will need to have information about any allergies and other medical history as well as skin type before treatment.  

Article contributed by Austin K


  1. Best thing I ever did! Although pregnancy gets those hormones flowing too much and although lessened growth has returned.

    1. I didn't realise hormones could have that affect (although I guess it shouldn't surprise, they seem to be able to do everything else).


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