5 Ways To Dress For Autumn Days

AD Autumn weather confuses me. You never know quite what the day ahead is going to be like, or what to wear. It can be 5 degrees in the morning for the school run, but by mid afternoon it’s t-shirt weather. I say it every year, but I’m not the biggest fan of Autumn. Yes I love the clear crisp days, with blue skies and crunchy leaves under foot, but I don’t like to be cold or wet. I prefer spring when the feel of sun on my face is a promise of warmer days ahead rather than a last hurrah. I have found the key to welcoming in the changing seasons though is to dress for it.

Lounging on the sofa in acid wash jogging bottoms and a bright pink top
Joggers are perfect for those days you feel like hibernating

How To Dress for Autumn 

Pile on the Layers

Whether it’s to prepare for the 10 degree variation in temperature from morning to afternoon or to cope with the heating inside shops and cafes which suddenly gets turned on full blast, the best way to dress in Autumn is layers. Starting with a vest top you can add a t-shirt, jumper and even a blazer underneath your coat. Add or shed layers as required thoughout the day, but remember a big bag to carry them in. 

Transition Wear

I love my summer wardrobe, but with a bit of adjustment you don’t have to put your favourite summer clothes away just yet. Lots of summer dresses can be made suitable for colder weather by wearing them with tights and a baggy jumper, or maybe try a turtleneck top underneath the dress for a bit of a 1990s flashback.

A female touching her hair while wearing a pale blue jacket and mauve crop top
Summer clothes like crop tops can be layered up with blazers to take them into Autumn

Embrace Comfort

It’s not surprising that lots of us want to spend more time at home on the sofa as the weather gets colder, after all many animals outside are getting ready to hibernate. Rather than fighting the feeling everyday allow yourself the occasional lazy day at home. Choose loungewear or joggers, grab a blanket and switch that TV on.

Add Bright Pops of Colour

I used to gravitate to patterns and prints in Summer and black or navy in winter, but I’m working on embracing a bit more colour in my wardrobe. This is easiest to do with items in a single bold colour like mustard, or red. Coordinating can be harder in Winter because rather than just wearing a dress you need to match tights, a cardigan, coat and your bag and shoes if you want to go all out. If you are wearing patterns or prints it’s much harder to do than a single colour splash.

A female wearing a lilac crop top and grey over sized jogger bottoms
Bright colours can make your Autumn wardrobe more interesting

Wrap it up

I love scarfs, in fact I have a whole drawer full of them in different prints, fabrics and styles. In Autumn they can add that extra bit of warmth so you can go without a coat and on the colder days they stop the wind blowing down your neck. I love to snuggle into the softer ones or add a flash of sophistication with a silk scarf. There are so many options and they are a great way to add your personality to an otherwise plain outfit.

I wish I could be one of those people that just rush to get the big woollen jumpers out, but it’s not for me. I often find wool itchy and difficult to wash. Give me a sweatshirt or a hoody and I’m happy. I’m trying to make more of an effort at times though and find the tips above like layering and wearing scarfs help to make sure I am comfortable and practical while looking a little bit less like I have crawled out of bed.

Have you found any good ways to transition through the seasons? What are your must have items in your Autumn wardrobe? I would love to hear if you too are team Spring or if you can’t wait to get a Pumpkin Spiced Latte and to start decorating for Halloween. If you are the later, maybe you have some tips for me?

Clothes gifted from Femme Luxe

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