Review: Virgin Wines Advent Calendar 2021

The 2021 Virgin Wines advent calendars are out now and I have been lucky enough to receive one of them to review. Virgin wines have a range of alcoholic advent calendars including: wine, beer and gin. There are 3 wine versions so you can choose to have mini bottles of red, white or a mixture of the two. I don’t drink much these days, but I do love a glass of red every so often so the red wine advent calendar is pretty perfect for me. 

opening door number 1 of the virgin wines red wine advent calendar and pulling out a mini bottle of wine
The advent calendar has 23 mini bottles of wine, a mini bottle of port and a full sized bottle of prosecco

Virgin Wines Wine Advent Calendar Review

What’s In The Virgin Wines Advent Calendar 2021?

The wine advent calendars have 24 mini bottles of wine (187ml) and a big bottle of fizz for Christmas day. When I opened it all up I discovered one of the bottles (Christmas Eve) was actually a 200ml bottle of Port which was a nice surprise. I think that in the mixed wine calendar you get port and some mini bottles of sparkling wine and the white calendar you get a couple of mini bottles of sparkling wine, but the website doesn’t reveal a lot of information about them.  

A closed box of Virgin Wines Advent Calendar
The Virgin Wines Advent Calendar is available in red, white and mixed

I can’t tell from the information currently available if all the calendars of the same type have the exact same selection in and in the same order or not. I have shared what was in my calendar below in the order it would be opened in. One of the bottles I received was a duplicate which I would guess is due to a supply issue.

The virgin wines advent calendar with all doors open and 25 bottles in front of it
All the contents of the Virgin Wines 2021 Red Wine Advent Calendar

Contents of the Red Wine Virgin Wines Advent Calendar

Perez Cruz, La Higuera Block, 2017, Cabernet Sauvignon - Syrah (Chile)

Ripper, 2020, Shiraz (Australia)

La Fama, 2020, Malbec (Chile)

The Black Pig, McLaren Vale, 2018, Shiraz, (Australia)

Hielo Y Fuego 2020, Merlot (Chile)

Three Gables, 2019, Shiraz (South Africa)

Nadia’s Pure, 2019, Cabernet Merlot (South Africa)

Le Zeitgeist, 2020, Grenache Mouvedre (France)

Three Gables, 2019, Shiraz (South Africa)

Beneficio, 2019, Shiraz (Australia)

Finca Manzanos, 2019, Rioja (Spain)

La Jamais Contente, Festive Edition, 2020, Malbec (France)

Tall Gum, 2020, Shiraz Cabernet (Australia)

Three Gables, Block 88 Limited Edition, 2020, Barbera (South Africa)

Florel Vat 31, 2020, Bonarda Malbec (Argentina)

El Nubarron, 2020, Cabernet Sauvignon (Chile)

Ovington’s Reserve Cabernet Merlot, 2020, (South Africa)

Florel, 2018, Malbec (Argentina)

16 Little Black Pigs, 2020, Shiraz Cabernet (Australia)

“No Name” 2020, Merlot (Chile)

The Intrepid Bear, 2020, Zinfandel (California, USA)

Les Trois Calices, 2020, Malbec (France)

Billy Bosch Reserve, 2020, Cinsaut, Festive Edition (South Africa)

Bin No.27, Reseve Porto, Fonseca (Porto) (200ml)

Prodezza, Prosecco, Brut (Italy) 750ml

The opened door 25 on the virgin wines advent calendar showing the bottle of prosecco in situ
There is a full sized bottle of Prosecco behind door 25

Excitement Value?

There is a really nice selection of wines in this calendar including different grape varieties and from lots of countries, although they are mostly from New World Wine regions. It was nice to see two festive editions and a bottle of Port in the mix.

It's hard to work out the value of the calendar cost wise. It's currently on sale for £89.99 which if you work it out per bottle (taking of £10 for the Prosecco) it's £3 to £4 a bottle. If you are someone that only spends that much on a big bottle of wine this will be expensive, but the full size bottles of these wines are on sale for around £11 so it works out at a good price.

If you are a big wine fan then it's hard to know if you will be more or less interested than someone like me who is more excited that each door opened represents a chilled evening where everything is calm enough for my partner and I to have a drink. Of course with 3 children there is no way I would be drinking a bottle a night in December (drink responsibly folks), but by opening it in October we will at least have tried a decent number by Christmas. And if there is a wine shortage this Christmas we are totally covered.

doors 1 to 12 open and the contents of the Virgin Wines advent calendar
This is a great advent calendar if you love red wine, especially those from the New World

Disclosure: This calendar was sent to us for review. All thoughts are quite obviously my own.

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  1. Ohh! This is my sort of advent calendar! The port and the bottle of fizz are a great addition. x


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