6 Ways to Add a Touch of Elegance to Your Interior Design

(Collaborative post by another author). Are you bored with your home décor? 

Do you wish your rooms looked like the ones in interior design magazines?

Achieving elegance is easier than you might think. With these six simple steps you’ll be able to splash some splendour into your space.

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1) Hardwood Floors

There is an elegance to hardwood floors that carpets can never compete with, no matter how thick and cosy they might be.

If you’re lucky enough to already have hardwood floors, then you need to make sure that you look after them.

This feature is timeless, and never goes out of style.

2) Crown Mouldings 

Adding coving to your ceilings is an excellent way to add a little touch of luxury to your room. 

Coving will join your ceiling and walls together, and without it a room can look unfinished. This can be a tricky job to do yourself, so you’re best of finding an expert in your local area.

3) New Furniture 

Give your living areas the upgrade they deserve and treat yourself to some new furniture. If you’ve had the same old stuff for years, then it’s time to toss out that tattered table and introduce a touch of elegance.

With their wide range of luxurious furnishings, the expert suppliers at SM London stock everything you need to make your home the elegant escape that you’ve always dreamed of.

4) Hang Artwork

Art is an excellent way to improve the appearance of any space, and it’s great for adding a splash of vibrancy if you’ve opted for an otherwise neutral colour palette. You can swap and change work to suit the seasons and revamp your room more frequently than repainting.

Whether you visit local galleries, or search online stockists such as Art Market, you’re bound to find plenty of elegant pieces to suit your tastes.

5) Look at your Lighting

There’s nothing elegant about your standard fabric lampshade. Treat yourself to something special by upgrading to a fixture that will be a highlight to any room.

Whether you prefer the sleek and modern, or love a large lamp shade or chandelier, changing your light fixtures is a simple way to introduce some elegance.  

6) Go for Gold! 

Warm gold tones are the perfect complement to any room, and are highly popular this season. 

Something small like a pair of candle sticks for the mantlepiece, or even the frame for your mirror introduces a subtle change that can make a big difference. Avoid going overboard, but experiment with what works to find the right combo for you. 

Living in a luxury abode is easier than you think, and these simple solutions can really help you improve the look of your interior décor.

How have you added elegance to your rooms? Tell us all about your interior design in the comments below!

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