Getting The Most Out Of Theme Park Visits When On Holiday

AD Amusement parks are a great place to have a day out with family and where ever you are there is probably one close enough to visit. Some people even travel the world visiting as many rollercoasters as they can. If you are in Germany for instance there are plenty of Vergnügungspark  (theme parks) to visit like the Amusement Park Movie Park in Bottrop which gives you a taste of Hollywood with over 40 rides and shows including Nickland which is great for Paw Patrol fans. These will be a real highlight of the holiday. So how do you make the most of these adventures?

A sign saying adventure bay with an excited family and people dressed up as Paw Patrol dogs, image used with permission from Movie Park website
Visit Adventure Bay in Nickland, just one of the themed areas at Movie Park Germany

Fun Activities With Family In Germany

So if you are going to BELANTIS, Movie Park Germany or any of the other theme parks in Germany, how do make the most out of your day?

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Theme Park Visit

Buying tickets. 

Tickets are nearly always cheaper when purchased in advance and with current restrictions many attractions will only let you visit if you have booked in advance. Check to look for what offers are available and prebook as far in advance as you feel comfortable with. Weather can make or break your visit so you might find it better to leave it later so the weather forecast is more accurate, but risk paying more.

Arrive in Plenty Of Time. 

Theme Parks tend to be busiest in the middle of the day, if you arrive at opening you may have to queue to get in, but it means you can maximise your time there so it's worth an early start.

Plan Your Day. 

Most attractions have maps available online. Look at these in advance and download a copy to your phone so you have it handy. Decide which rides you absolutely MUST go on so those can be prioritised. If you are going with younger children check the age and hide limits for rides to avoid disappointment. Lots of theme parks now have their own maps which can be really helpful to have downloaded in advance. They will often give you directions to get to rides and sometimes have live information on waiting times for each ride too.

Food and Drink. 

Meals on days out can often get really expensive when visiting as a family, but you don’t want to take too much with you because you will have to carry around all day. It can be easiest to have a big breakfast and then have snacks throughout the day when people are hungry. Children will love to grab chips, ice creams and other sweet treats from concessions around the park.

Pack the Essentials. 

A day at a theme park often means spending a lot of time outside. It is worth taking waterproofs (or a disposable poncho) which are perfect for water rides as well as rain, and suncream and hats. The weather can sneak up on you.

A close up of a red track on a roller coaster Huracan at BELANTIS theme park in Germany, image used with permission from BELANTIS website
Huracan is one of the thrill rides at BELANTIS in Germany

What To Do When You Are There

Make Time For Shows. 

While theme parks abroad often don’t seem to have the absolutely ridiculous queue times we sometimes have in the UK it still makes sense to break up the day with a variety of activities. Check out show times and aim to attend a few, especially during the busiest part of the day, because it will be an activity that everyone enjoys. There are normally playgrounds too which are a great way to break up other activities.

Toilet breaks. 

There is nothing worse than getting near the front of the queue and suddenly having to leave it because one of your children needs the toilet. Keep an eye out for where toilets are and encourage a visit when passing.

Go with the flow. 

While agreeing in advance a few rides or activities you really want to visit is a great idea the rest of the time it is worth having a more relaxed approach. If the queues in one area is too long, try again later.

Take Turns. 

When going with a family there is a good chance people will want to go on different rides. To avoid splitting up the whole day or having lots of moaning try and take turns to choose which ride you want to go on next.

Remembering Your Day

At the end of the day everyone will be tired and full of happy memories, but it can be nice to have a memento too. Lots of Amusement Parks ofter ride photos or you can normally get a fridge magnet or small toy from stores on sight. These are a great way to remind you of the day out in years to come.

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