Gifts Ideas For New Mums

These last few years have been tough on new mums as many of them had to go through their pregnancy journey alone. COVID restrictions stopped Dad's being able to support their partners for as long as usual in hospital and it has been a much harder time than many would expect. Now things are opening up and there are plenty of new mums who need some TLC after all of this. So why not start with a gift basket to help boost them?

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With so much going on new mums often forget about their skincare routine. It doesn’t need to be a basket packed with the most original products that money can buy, keep it simple. Exfoliators and lotions are always a hit. Even just a few sheet face masks and some fancy shower gel can go down a treat. Try and stay away from bath bombs and things that require a lot of time to do. As a new mum, your friend probably doesn't get time to invest in herself like she used to and you run the risk of the gift laying around the bathroom and never being used.

Candles and waxes

Candles are not for everyone because of the fire risk, but for many a scented candle is a great way to relax. If you know that they prefer wax warmers over candles, pop some wax melts into the basket. If they don't have a wax melter, you could always include an electric one which can be safer around children. If you know they prefer a candle, try and add a saucer and hat for the candle to help it burn down better. There are so many scents that you can choose from and plenty of small businesses that you can support with a wax melt or two.

Comfy clothes

Comfy is the new black and we are all loving the comfy clothes that are available right now. Think of pyjamas that you can leave the house in. They come in a range of styles but they all have one thing in common: comfort. You don’t need to look far because even the local supermarkets are getting in on the act. You might look at them and ask yourself, “are these pyjamas or are they for outside?”, but who really cares when they are practical, warm and comfortable? They are both and can be teamed up with some Ugg style boots and a floaty scarf if you have to leave the house. All in all, perfect for a new mum.

Cupboard snacks

We all know that new mums don’t have much time to eat so make sure there are plenty of cupboard snacks in the gift basket. Cookies are always welcome, but for more filling and nutritious foods think about nuts, breakfast bars, instant lattes and dried fruit. This might sound like a weird combo of food but they are great for in the cupboard that a new mum can shove her hand in and grab a handful of snacking goodness on the go. The best thing is that these can last for ages so you don’t have to worry about them going out of date. Before you go nuts buying nuts, you should make sure that there are no allergies in the house. 


This is another strange one but hear us out for a moment. New mums spend a lot of time sitting around holding their baby. Whether they are nursing for long periods or the baby just seems to want to be cuddled while they sleep it can get pretty uncomfortable for mum. Pillows can provide a lot of support and comfort. Nursing pillows are a great way to keep the baby close, even if they are not breastfeeding, and a V shaped pillow is great to give some extra back support while they are sitting for long periods. Having some extra comfort and support, even if it is from a pillow, is the best thing a new mum can get.


If you know that your friend is particularly fussy and non of the above will work; keep it simple. Gift Cards are a great way to help them out in so many ways. You could get one for the local supermarket so that she can order some grocery shopping for herself. Or an online card to help cover all that late night shopping she might accidentally do during the the nightfeeds. You could choose a retailer that sells baby products or somewhere that will force her to treat herself. 

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