The 5 Benefits Of Keeping Your Cat Indoors

Collaborative post by another author. As long as you keep your cat entertained and show it plenty of love and affection, it can live a very happy life indoors. But what are the benefits of keeping your cat inside? 

A tabby cat stretched out on a sofa and cushions

1.Safety from accidents

Unfortunately, as more of us live in urban towns or cities rather than rural areas, it means that many cats are killed or injured on the roads and railways every year. Outdoor cats are also at risk from sustaining injuries through fights with other cats. Cats are naturally territorial and if allowed to roam outside, they will often establish their own boundaries, which they can be extremely protective of. An indoor cat doesn’t have to worry about protecting its realm from rivals and will not get into dangerous fights. 

2.Protection from poisoning

There are lots of natural and artificial poisons outside that are highly toxic to cats. Unfortunately, many cats have died after ingesting substances, such as antifreeze. Cats are also vulnerable to poisoning from plants and flowers. Many common garden species are dangerous to cats and can easily kill them even if they don’t show any interest in them –  for instance, your cat can die if it rubs against the pollen of a lily and then licks its fur afterwards. As long as you don’t bring home any plants or flowers dangerous to cats, then your indoor cat is safe from poisoning.

3.Safety from disease

If you keep your cat inside, it has less chance of catching serious feline illnesses that could potentially shorten it's life. These include feline leukaemia, feline infectious peritonitis, feline immunodeficiency virus, various parasites, and other zoonotic diseases. Another potential illness which your cat is protected from by living indoors is skin cancer. Many cats, especially hairless or light-coloured breeds can develop squamous cell carcinoma due to long-term exposure to sunlight. Just because you keep your cat inside though, doesn’t mean that it’s entirely safe from contracting illnesses. Kidney disease and arthritis are both extremely common, especially as cats age, so it’s a good idea to be prepared just in case. Getting decent cat insurance will give you peace of mind and help you out with potentially expensive vet bills. 

4.Less chance of getting lost

Cats that are allowed to come and go as they please might enjoy the freedom, but they’re also much more likely to go missing. While it’s true that cats can often find their way home, it’s still very easy for them to wander away. There are a multitude of reasons as to why a cat might suddenly disappear. Of course, fatal accidents are the worse-case scenarios, but there are other outdoor hazards that can prevent a cat from coming home. Other cats moving into their territory can cause your cat a lot of stress and deter them from re-entering the vicinity. Cats are also notoriously curious and have been known to get locked inside neighbouring sheds or garages after wandering in for a nosy. Your cat might even decide that it prefers another home to yours and just move in! The latter happens more frequently than you might think, especially if someone else is feeding your cat. 

5.Protects wildlife

Cats are natural hunters and will attempt to stalk and catch prey if allowed to wander outdoors. Sadly, this means that many well-loved species die at the paws of domestic cats every year. It’s estimated that during any spring or summer, UK domestic cats catch up to 100 million prey animals, such as blue tits and blackbirds. This is a devastating number but can be reduced if you keep your cat indoors. Don’t worry about going against your pet’s natural instinct, however; there are lots of fun toys that mimic prey which you can use to keep your indoor cat entertained. 


Keeping your cat indoors is certainly beneficial in many ways. Not only is your cat protected from a number of outdoor hazards and potential stress over territorial disputes, but keeping it inside saves local wildlife. 

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