Review: Peppa Pig Weebles Wind & Wobble Playhouse

AD Peppa Pig Weebles are a great toy for toddlers and preschoolers. Some parents might feel nostalgic about the wobbly Weebles if they played with them back in the 70s and the Peppa Pig collection proves that the latest range has just as much appeal with children of today.

A toddler playing with the Peppa Pig Weebles wobble and wind playhouse. He is winding the lever so Peppa rocks on the swing

The Peppa Pig Weebles range includes:

Peppa Pig Figures. You can buy these as a single or two figure pack or the larger Peppa and Friends Figure Pack which has Peppa Pig, Suzy Sheep, Danny Dog and Rebecca Rabbit. The Peppa in this set has a red top on which is different to the top with her teddy bear printed on that comes with the car, train and playhouse.

Push-Along Wobbily Car, a fun red open top car with a Peppa Pig Weeble and space for a friend too.

Pull-Along Wobbily Train, a colourful train which the included Peppa can ride on with space for two friends as well.

Wind and Wobble Playhouse, a playset with a with Peppa Pig Weeble.

Peppa Pig Weebles Wind & Wobble Playhouse Review

I went to Smyths Toys Superstores with my 3 year old to spot the new Peppa Pig Weebles on the shelves and see which ones he liked best. There is a huge range of Peppa Pig toys available in our local store and the Weebles range was spread across the Peppa Pig Section section, but we soon spotted them all and my son straight away chose to buy the playhouse. Probably because it’s the biggest! I was happy though because it's different to anything we have already.

A toddler holding Peppa Pig Weebles play set in Smyths about to buy it
"I want this one!"

We headed home and my son even helped me tidy his room so we could get the toy out to play with as soon as possible.

The playhouse comes in one piece plus the Peppa Pig Weeble so it’s ready to play with as soon as you get it out of the packaging. He began exploring straight away, wobbling the Weeble and investigating all the different bits. There are stairs (although they move so more of an escalator) where you can balance the Weeble on a step and wind a lever which makes it go up, on to a platform and then down the slide. At just turned 3 my son easily worked out how to do this and it can handle some pretty robust handling. 

It’s a simple, but clever design where at the top of the stairs the Weeble tips on to a platform. The platform rocks if you continue to wind the lever pushing the Weeble across and down the slide. The Weeble lands on the roundabout (a brown puddle style circle with 2 grooves Weebles can rest in and you can turn them around manually). Due to the way the Weeble is balanced it might tip off the escalator or the platform on it's side, but it soon corrects it's self landing on the roundabout the right way up and ready to go again.

A toddler placing a Peppa Pig Weeble on to a movable staircase
Balance the Weeble figure on one of the stairs then wind the white lever

A toddler winding a lever to make Peppa Pig Weeble go up the moving stairs and on to a platform at the top
At the top of the stairs the Weeble wobbles off onto a platform

Peppa Pig Weeble on it's side about to go down a red slide
Keep winding and the platform rocks pushing the Weeble onto the slide

Weebles always correct themselves so Peppa has landed on her bum on the roundabout at the bottom of the slide
The Weeble slides down and lands the right way up due to the clever way Weebles are weighted

Underneath the house there is a swing you can place the Weebles in. This can either be rocked manually or you can wind the lever (the same one as for the escalator) and it rocks back and forth.

There is also a muddy puddle they can jump in and a space for the Weeble to stand on top of the house, just as well Weebles wobble but don’t fall down! They do get pushed by toddlers though, luckily they are solid enough to survive and you really wont worry about your toddler breaking this toy. 

This set could easily be expanded by buying more Peppa Pig Weebles characters (either the friend set or buying them individually) and lots of the Weebles toys could play on it at once.

Toddler playing with a Peppa Pig Weeble making her jump up and down in a muddy puddle on the wind and wobble playhouse
Jumping up and down in muddy puddles

manually turning the roundabout on the playhouse to turn peppa round
Turning Peppa round on the roundabout

Why I Recommend The Wind and Wobble Playhouse for Peppa Pig Lovers

Compared to other Peppa Pig toys we have this playhouse is a big winner for me. The chunkiness and ease of use makes it suitable for children age 18 months so younger fans can enjoy age appropriate Peppa Pig toys. Most of the other Peppa pig toys we have come apart easily or have small parts. The playhouse is chunky, easy to use and fun so toddlers and preschoolers can have a great time with it.  

I love that the playhouse includes movement, but that it is manual and engaging while also encouraging a few different activities. It also introduces basic physics ideas, improves coordination and helps them learn cause and effect.

The Peppa Pig Weebles toys are available to buy now from Smyths Toys Superstore.

*Disclosure: we received payment to buy a Weebles toy and create content. All thoughts are our own*

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