Review: Cats vs Pickles Reversible Plush

AD Cats vs Pickles have an ever growing range of cute collectible toys and the new reversibles are our favourite yet. The reversible version are about 3 times bigger than the original small ones. One side is a cat and you can flip it to become a pickle. So you no longer need to choose whether to be team cat or team pickle, now you can be both!

A tween girl in a yellow top playing with cats versus pickles reversible plush toys received for review
Loving new Cat Vs Pickles Reversible Plushies

What are Cats vs Pickles Reversible Plushies?

The plush are roughly 15cm tall by 11cm wide and they are super soft and squishy. They have a hole at the bottom which allows you to flip the plush inside out to reveal a different character. Each design is cat on one side and pickle on the other. 

The reversibles are a really nice size to play with and they fit perfectly on children’s hands. Despite me telling her they are kittens not mittens, my daughter really quickly turned them into hand puppets and pretended hers were talking. M has always been team cat before, but the cheeky pickle personalities of the reversibles really appeal to her. She keeps dancing around with them and being super silly.

Recommended for children age 4 and up their appeal is ageless and they are a big hit with tweens, teens and even adults.

a happy 10 year old with a pickle toy on one hand and a cat on the other
Having fun with Cats Vs Pickles Reversibles

A tween talking to her cvp reversible plush toys
The plushies are really soft and tactile

how to turn the cat into a pickle and back again by turning it inside out
You can flip the reversibles inside out to turn them from a cat to a pickle

Who Are The Different Reversible Cats Vs Pickles Characters?

There are currently 6 different reversible Cats Vs Pickles plush available from Smyths and the Entertainer. The current characters are:

🐱 Kitty Cakes (a cat who looks like a sprinkle filled cake topped with pink icing) who switches into Frosted Flo (a pickle with heart shaped eyes who is covered in pink icing and sprinkles).

🐱 Psychedelicat (a cat covered in pink, blue and yellow swirls) who turns into Groovy Gill (a flower power inspired pickle with pink glasses).

🐱 Touchdown cat is an American football design and it flips into Punt (a pickle dressed in a red American football kit).

🐱 Garth is a viking themed cat with helmet and ginger beard and he flips into Leif Pickleson (a play on the name of the Norse explorer Leif Erickson I assume) who is a viking styled pickle with a horn topped helmet.

🐱 Kicks the cat is a black and white football (Soccer) pattern and it flips into Foul Baldrick who is a referee complete with whistle round his neck and shouting face.

🐱 Roboticat is shades of blue and looks like he has been riveted to gather from metal panels. It flips into Mech-Pickle a blue robot pickle.

We love these designs, but there are so many great characters to collect in the original sized "Beans" collections I'm hoping they bring out a wider variety of reversibles soon.

2 pink pickle plush. Groovy Gill has flowers on and pink glasses, Frosted Flow is covered in pink icing and sprinkles
Groovy Gill and Frosted Flo Pickle Cat Vs Pickles Reversibles

a cat plush with pink, yellow and blue swirls and a cat plush that looks like a cake with pink icing and sprinkles
Psychedelicat and Kitty Cakes Cat Vs Pickles Reversibles

Remember if you are buying one to check for the heart hug mark on the plush to be reassured that it is an authentic CvP plushie. 

A child playing with cat vs pickle's plush and you can see the heart mark showing the toys are authentic and genuine
Genuine Cat Vs Pickle plush have a stitched heart mark on them which is half a cat and half a pickle

If you love Cats vs Pickles why not join their UK Official Facebook group so you can join other super fans and make sure you never miss out on essential news?

Available for £11.99 per plush from Smyths and The Entertainer.

***Disclosure: we received Kitty cakes/ Frost Flo to review and were asked to head to Smyths to choose another one to buy. We received payment for this post, but all thoughts are our own***

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