How Can I Decorate My Son’s Room?

(Collaborative post by another author). Depending on how old your son is, there may be changes that you want to make to his bedroom. These could help to make the space look nicer, or simply allow him to use it in a variety of ways. When decorating, you will want to take his personal preferences into consideration, as well as the budget that you have available. Sometimes, even small changes can make a big difference to the ways he can use the room.

A stereotypical boys bedroom with blue walls, football beanbag and desk

Suggestions For Decorating A Boy's Bedroom

Infant and toddler boys may not be able to have a say in how their room is decorated, but it can still be great to make it a welcoming space for them. You might want to think about the different safety aspects of the room, such as how to prevent injury from furniture toppling over and even the security of windows and sockets. Regarding the actual décor, it may be fun to use some canvas prints from hellocanvas, as these will allow you to take personal pictures and use them as artwork in your son’s room. This might include scan images, and even family snaps from his first few days. You may want to then alter the colour of his walls, using soft pastel hues to promote calm. Alternatively, the walls could be coloured a plain white, meaning that those canvas prints can stand out that much more, becoming a key feature of your son’s bedroom.

Once your son starts school, you may want to again change the themes and layout of his room. This may also be a good point to start showing your support with his future ambitions. For many careers, a good, solid education might be required. Therefore, when you come to decorate, you may also want to include a small desk within the furnishings. This can allow him to not only complete any work required for school but also be able to engage in leisure activities, such as playing computer games, building LEGO or drawing. Having a dedicated area for these activities may also help with motivating him to get on with them in the first place.

Many teenagers view their mobile phones or computer as their lifeline. Due to this, there is a small, subtle change that you could make to your teenager’s bedroom that they might be grateful for. Particularly in smaller rooms, there might not be enough sockets for him to be able to plug in all of his electronics at any given time. The use of sockets with built-in USB ports could allow him to keep his phone or tablet charged, and still have three-pin socket spaces to spare. Depending on the type they may not charge as quickly as plugging the phone into a traditional charger, but your son might be grateful for that bit of extra juice when his sockets are otherwise full.

Decorating your son’s room can include the colours and furnishings, as well as those little extras that can make him love the space that much more. You may also want to ask him what he might like to see in the room, so it can reflect his personality as he grows.

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