Review and Giveaway: Quizzie A Fun Water Squirting Robot

(Gifted) I’ll admit I wasn’t convinced when I heard about Quizzie the Q&A Robot that sprays water at you. Firstly I generally don’t want to be sprayed with water and secondly it is described as a quizzing robot but you have to record your own questions and you can only record 5 questions at a time. However, having got it out of the packaging and after playing it with my children I’m sold and I think it would make a fun gift for children (and adults) aged 5 upwards. My children love it so much that every time I try to write this review they grab it and run off.

Find out more about Quizzie in this review post and then enter the giveaway at the end for your chance to win your own. You can also buy your own Quizzie from Wicked Uncle who supplied the robot for this review and giveaway. 

A close up of a blue quizzie robot which is being reviewed
Quizzie is a fun robot toy you can play games with

Who Is Quizzie? A Review of The Water Squirting Q&A Robot

Quizzie is a cute little robot (about 10 cm tall) that you can play games with, either on your own or with others. It is available in red, green and blue. The face of the robot is a LED screen which shows 10 different facial expressions and the robot also makes various noises. 

Quizzie needs 2 AAA batteries before you start to play (the battery compartment secured with a screw is on it's back) and you put water in the hole on the top of it's head and secure it with the stopper. There are 3 game modes to choose from and you interact with the robot via the 3 buttons on it’s front (a play/ start button, on/off and select mode) as well as the two buttons on top which look like ears. The left button (as you look at the robot) has a circle for yes or true and the right hand side button is a cross for no or false.  If you fill it up with water there is enough to play with for a little while so you don’t have to worry about filling it up every few goes, although this will depend on if your children like to intentionally answer the questions wrongly so they get squirted with water like mine do. After playing make sure you empty the water out and leave the stopper out to prevent it getting gross inside.

A 6 year old girl playing a game with Quizzie the Q&A Robot
Quizzie has 3 game modes which you can play with with friends or on your own

Waiting to see if she will get squirted with water while playing with quizzie
Get an answer wrong and you'll be squirted with water

The Different Games You Can Play With Quizzie

When I looked at the box I was happy to see there are actually 3 game modes, rather than just the question and answer mode I had heard about. 

First there is a random game (illustrated by a bomb icon) where each player takes it in turn to press the play button and see which face it pulls. If it’s a happy face (or no smile) you are fine, if it has a sad face then it squirts you. There are 10 different faces it makes and only one of them is a sad face so theoretically you only have a 1 in 10 chance of getting wet.

The second game mode is a memory game (illustrated with a circle of 6 dots). It shows you a face you have to remember then a series of faces and each time you have to select whether the face matched the original one it showed you or if it didn’t (there are buttons on top marked 0 for yes/true or x for no/false)

The third game mode is the question and answer mode (a Q icon) where you have to pre record questions with a yes or no answer. It’s fairly simple to do and it remembers the questions once set until you re-record them (even if turned off). 

To record your own questions you press the mode button 4 times until it shows the microphone picture (it should go from a bomb to a circle of dots to a Q then the recording mode).

You need to press and hold the start/ play button until you hear a beep and then you get up to 9 seconds to record your question (keep holding the start/ play button down). After recording you will hear 2 beeps then you need to press the correct answer (yes or no). Repeat the process to record the remaining 4 questions then go to Q mode to play and press start. Need more help and lost the instructions? You can download a copy here.

We use the first two game modes most although I have recorded some funny questions which made my children laugh. The sound level works well for us and is audible in a fairly noisy house without being too loud.

Does Quizzie get you really wet?

While I don’t want myself or my house to be soaked the amount of water that is shot out each time is enough to be amusing, but not enough to make everything damp so I’m happy with it being played with in the house. Unless you are holding the toy right in front of your face it’s more likely to hit your top or the floor. The spray on ours is more like a fine jet which can travel about a metre and hits a narrow area.

Quizzie the robot with a sad face and shooting out a jet of water
Quizzie shooting out a jet of water

Quizzie Q&A Robot Giveaway

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