Home Decoration: Interior Design That Makes A Difference

Collaborative post by another author. The hardest part of home decoration is knowing where to begin. Every now and then, you are presented with a blank slate, and this is where you can let your true creativity shine.

Fashion is always going to change, and this is also the case with interior design. You want to decorate your home in a way that is different from everyone else, which is why this article has got you covered. Read on to find out how you design the interior of your home with a unique approach.

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Lighting is responsible for how you perceive the world, yet it often goes unnoticed when it comes to decoration. Many of us choose to decorate our living space and light it in the most practical way. This is a perfectly acceptable way to light your home; however, you may have a better experience with a little more forethought.

Introducing overhead lighting gives you so much more space to work with and also gives you a starting point for your design work. It is much easier to plan everything around your lighting than find lighting that highlights all of your eclectic design choices. Furthermore, you can also install mood lighting that changes colours to match whatever décor you decide upon.

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Lighting can transform a room

Under Floor Heating

There is still one more thing that you must address before you get to any of the fun stuff: heating. It is no secret that the sun rarely appears in the UK, and radiators are often cumbersome. You can paint them to match your walls, but they still look out of place.

Instead, why not look into underfloor heating. This removes the need to have your radiators taking up space, and with solar panels becoming more available, it isn’t so much of a drain on the environment.


Most of us will have gained our main bits of furniture through other people, especially when you first leave home. This means that your sofas, armchairs, and bed may not necessarily match in the way that you want. As you get older, you begin to earn enough to afford the type of furniture you actually want.

If this is the case, you should probably aim to buy most of your central pieces from the same place. Take, for example, Denelli Italia. They are an Italian furniture store with a wide range of designer beds and living room furniture. You can browse available listings at denelli.co.uk if you want to learn more. This approach ensures the furniture across all rooms flow and adds a bit of classy style to your home too. A good matching set of furniture is hard to come by, so you will definitely be the envy of your friends when you opt for designer furniture.

Room Dividers

The idea behind room dividers is something that has dipped in and out of fashion over the years. Their original purpose was to divide a room, as its name suggests. However, in the early 90s, the apparatus came back in a smaller package to look good while sat in the corner unused. 

Nowadays, the room divider has returned to its original purpose, and it has many applications in modern life. So many of us now work from home, and the ability to split off a room for a bit of privacy is necessary. Whether you have an important Skype meeting or phone call to take, you will be glad that you have a room divider to remove any of those outside distractions.

Floating Shelves

As our technology keeps making leaps forward, you may find yourself without the need for a few vital items. Most media is now digital, which means that you no longer need DVD shelves and bookcases. Everything is available on one device, but that does leave your home feeling a little empty.

You can compensate for this emptiness with a few floating shelves dotted about the place. These objects give the impression that they are taking up more space than they should, and you do not need to place a lot on top to make it feel like home. They are simple enough to put up, and you fill in the holes easily enough when it is time to move on.

Add Something Personal

Your interior decoration is not complete without something that makes it truly yours. You may have some nice designer furniture, but you will find it much more relaxing to have something that reminds you why home is your sanctuary. Perhaps it is worth getting a professional photo of the family framed hung on the wall, or you could commission a painted mural in one of your rooms. It doesn’t matter as long as it makes you feel at home.


Home décor is difficult to plan if you do not approach it properly. Try to think hard about the exact type of place you want to live, and the ideas should begin to flow. If in doubt, consider hiring the services of an interior designer who could assess the options available to your home.

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