What To Put In A 50th Birthday Box

(Collaborative post by another author) When thinking of present ideas for big birthdays such as a 50th, you will want to impress in order to feel as though your gift is appropriate for the occasion. However, it can be a lot of pressure if you have to think of one large gift, and there comes the natural worry that your gift might not be something that this person likes. An alternative idea would be to get a box and fill it with a selection of smaller gifts that are safer options and a popular choices in terms of whether they will be enjoyed or not. Not only does this make it more fun to open, but it will also be more fun for you to do the shopping for! 

Ideas for 50th birthday box as illustrated by a stock image from Canva showing a birthday cake with gold candles saying 50
For a milestone birthday a birthday box can be a great idea

Candles Or Nice Scents 

One classic option to form a part of a birthday gift is some candles or nice scents. These are easy to find and can be more or less expensive to suit your budget and depending on where you get them from. Try and personalise these to the person you are buying for as much as possible, or if you aren’t entirely sure about their scent preferences, you could go for a mixture of floral, musky, or fresh scents. Candles and scents are often used around a house and will never go to waste. Although you may think they’re insufficient as a solo gift, they are perfect if you are buying them as one element of a bigger gift or a combination of gifts. 

Follow the link for a couple of the best scents to get if you are choosing something for somebody’s home. Your choice could also be dependent on the time of year: summery scents may be fresher and more floral while winter scents would include warmer smells like cinnamon and spiced pumpkin. Oil scents can also be a good alternative to candles and then you don’t have to worry about the safety aspect of keeping an eye on them when burning. These come in a variety of scents, and they often last quite a while too, so can be seen as a worthwhile present, which can be kept for a longer amount of time. 

Some Personalised Printed Photos 

Inside a 50th birthday box, you should put some sentimental elements to show you have personalised the box especially for them and it cannot simply be transferrable to anyone. This involves using some personal memories from your friendship with this person. For example, why not get them something that will remind them directly of your friendship or relationship through the years? One option is to get some personalised photos printed. Print photos are always more lasting if they are framed, so why not get one big photo print or a series of mini ones, so they can keep the picture print in their house. 

The photo should encompass a good memory that brings up happy thoughts when looked at: for example, if you have any particularly stand-out times together, such as a holiday or a day out. Although this might not be the most expensive part of the gift, if it is something that reminds somebody of good times with loved ones, it will be a very valuable element that can be treasured for life. 

A Handmade Card And Note 

Handmade cards and notes are much more meaningful than shop bought ones, so you should definitely try and create something yourself. It doesn’t matter whether you are an accomplished artist or not, as it is the thought behind making a card or a note that counts. The message inside is often what is focused on more too, so if you feel that your artistic skills are lacking, then make up for it with a really sweet message that will bring a smile to someone’s face. 

Some ideas for the exterior of a card could be a drawing of the two of you if you feel up to the challenge – even if it is just a cartoon depiction! Alternatively, you could do something simple and symbolic like a flower or a heart. 

For the interior of the card or the ‘note’ element, some fun ideas are to write a funny poem about your friendship, which could be in acrostic form to make it easier to think of ideas. Each line could be a different memory you have together or a different trait of theirs. Alternatively, you could write a paragraph telling them why you are grateful for the friendship or relationship, and what you are excited to share together in the future. This can be applicable to a friend, a partner, or a family member. 

Some Small Jewellery Or Ornamental Pieces 

Small pieces of jewellery or ornaments are the perfect way to complete a 50th birthday box. Again, because this is a part of a wider present, there is less pressure on the individual gifts. You could get them something for their house, such as a little figure of their favourite animal made from glass. Alternatively, if they are someone who wears earrings, these can be a perfect small gift to give. If you have a creative side, you could even look at making your own jewellery. One way to do this is to take a trip to the beach to collect some gorgeous sea glass and make it into earrings using some jewellery making equipment. Alternatively, if you are not close to the sea, you could take a trip to your local bead shop to find some beads to make into a necklace or bracelet. 

Birthday boxes can be put into a nice wicker box to finish off the look – this way, the exterior of the box ends up being a present itself! You could put bits of coloured tissue paper in with the box so that they have to hunt through the box in order to find each element of the present, adding an element of fun to the opening side of things. 

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