Review: Tonka Monster Metal Mover Trucks

AD - Review. The brand new Monster Metal Movers from Tonka combine the Tonka Tough build that we know and love with monster wheels so they speed over all kinds of surfaces making them more fun than ever. My 3 year old likes to test toys to destruction so when we had the opportunity to review these new trucks I knew he would love them. And I knew I would love not constantly asking him to be careful. 

A preschooler playing with Tonka Monster Metal Mover Trucks received for review
We received a Tonka Monster Metal Movers combo pack and a single pack to review

Introducing Tonka Monster Metal Movers

The Tonka Monster Metal Movers come in either combo or single packs. We received the Monster Garbage Truck and the Construction Zone pack which has a Monster Dump Truck and Monster Front Loader. The range also has a Fire Truck and EMT (Ambulance) Truck.

A preschooler sitting next to Tonka Monster Metal Mover Trucks in their packaging in the garden
Which one to open first?

What Makes Tonka Monster Metal Mover Trucks Different?

The monster wheels make the Monster Metal Trucks stand 3 inches tall (about 7 1/2 cm) which is twice the height of the older style Metal Movers.  They are made from brightly painted die cast metal and plastic. The large wheels have rubber tyres which help them grip on to surfaces and travel a long way. The size of the wheels allow them to go over rough surfaces without slowing down so it’s just as well they are durable and can survive the inevitable crash landing.

The construction vehicles we got in the combo pack both have moving parts: the metal dumper part on the dump truck and the plastic shovel on the front loader, although it doesn’t reach the floor so can only push things along that are big. The Recycling Truck has no moving parts, other than the wheels obviously.

The durable design of these trucks make them great for playing inside and out so they can be used whatever the weather. There is great attention to detail on the trucks, but they still have a great chunky feel which is great for preschoolers.

Driving a Tonka monster metal mover off decking
The Tonka Monster Metal Mover Recycling Truck

Holding the construction trucks from Tonka for review
The combo pack contained a Monster Dump Truck and a Monster Front Loader

Playing with Tonka monster metal trucks inside with rubbish and recycling
Tonka Monster Metal Movers are fun inside and out

Our Tonka Monster Metal Mover Review

My 3 year old is loving playing with his new monster trucks. When I say “playing” I mean pushing them off the decking and making them crash. He has managed to chip a bit of the paint on one of them, but otherwise they are still in great condition. Even the mud on the wheels has come off easily. The monster wheels really add an extra dimension to play as the size of them combined with the way the axel attaches to the body makes them glide over all sorts of surfaces easily. This is great outside as they can zoom across rough paving, and inside ours can go from our wooden floor onto the rug and just keep going.

If I’m honest I would love moving parts, but I know from experience the more of those, the easier they are to break and so far these monster trucks seem solid. Each of the designs have plastic exhausts coming out of the sides which feel like they will be the only thing to break (it feels like they could be snapped off if you really tried).  Overall the design is great though and I think they are a good size. I don't mind when my son decides they need to come on the school run with us and he can happily carry them around all day.

A 3 year old toy playing with small Tonka monster trucks in the garder
The monster wheels makes the trucks travel over rough surfaces easily

The Tonka Monster Metal Mover trucks playing with
Getting creative with Tonka Metal Mover Trucks

Preschooler lining up Tonka Monster Metal Mover Trucks
Lined up and ready to go

*Disclosure: These trucks were sent to us for honest review. You can buy Tonka Monster Metal Movers from Very now*

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