Review: New Preschooler Toys For Morphle Fans

AD My children have been watching My Magic Pet Morphle for years on YouTube and they love they can now watch it on Tiny Pop too. Of course whenever they are big fans of a programme they want to get the toy versions so my son was really excited to receive a delivery of new Morphle toys. We received some of the great range of toys featuring: Morphle, Mila and Orphle to review.

A toddler sitting in front of the television with a morphle plush toy watching Morphle

The Morphle toys are great fun to play with while watching the programme or to create new stories inspired by the favourite characters. The show helps to teach preschoolers the themes of friendship, problem solving and creativity and the toys make a great accompaniment to this.

The Latest Morphle Toys For Fans Of My Magic Pet Morphle

Morphle Talking Plush

The super soft Morphle plushes are suitable from age 2 and there are lots of different styles including a reversible one that can be switched between Morphle and Orphle, regular ones with a range of different expressions and the one we received to review which talks.

There is a voice box inside the talking soft toy which makes typical Morphle sounds when you squeeze it. My children have decided to do this by poking Morphle in the eyes which is a little mean, but nose or forehead works too. There are two different talking Morphle designs: one looking a little surprised with an open mouth, the other has a more wistful expression with a closed mouth.

I think ours makes 6 different sounds, but they are played at random rather than cycling through so there may be more. The sounds are (in my own words): “yeah”, laughing followed by “yeah”, 2 different types of laugh, “lets go” and a bit of singing. 

I measure our talking plush at about 22cm tall but it depends on how you position the ears and legs, it's slightly bigger than the regular Morphle plush we have. The voice box is stitched inside so not accessible to children, but this also means the battery cannot be replaced and the plush can only be surface washed.

Talking Morphle plush is available from Smyths Toys Superstores.

A toddler boy squeezing a red Morphle plush to make it talk
Squeezing the Morphle plush to make it talk

A toddler in a blue top with a red Morphle toy on his head watching an episode of Morphle on TV
Morphle can be watched on weekday evenings on Tiny Pop

A boy sitting on the floor with an ipad with a Morphle plush reflected back on the screen
There are 100s of Morphle episodes to watch on the official YouTube channel

Mega Morphle Figure & Vehicle Pack

The mega pack contains 8 different figures for Morphle fans to play with including Mila, Orphle and many Morphles. Try saying that quickly multiple times! There is also an Orphle buggy (race car) and Mila in a Dumper truck (which you can also buy separately). If you prefer not to have the vehicles then there is also a 6 piece mini-figure pack available.

My son loves playing with these toys and making up adventures. He was a little confused by the green Orphle car because it has a recessed bit in the seat area which looks like you could put a character in so he tried out all the figures and they didn’t fit. The reason it’s there is because it’s the same mould as the red race car which is sold separately and has Mila sitting fixed in it. One of the Morphle characters has helicopter blades and my son keeps on trying to spin these even though they are fixed, so he might manage to break it at some point, it has held so far though. My son often likes to test toys to destruction and I am happy to say these are all pretty solid and will hold up to rough toddler play if you also have a child that likes to make their toys fly through the air.

The Mega Morphle Figure & Vehicle pack is available from Argos.

A toddler gathering up a handful of plastic Morphle related mini figures towards him
All mine!

Morphle figures ilined up with a vehicle at each end
Mega Morphle Figure & Vehicle Pack

A boy concentrating on playing with a Mila and Morphle Dumper truck vehicle
Playing with a Mila and Morphle vehicle

Morphle Dough Carry Case

We already had the Morphle dough set and I have said before how much I love it and how it is the perfect addition to a toy range about a pet that can change shape. Having played with it for months I have discovered that the dough doesn’t last as long as some other brands. We found our original lot went sticky a couple of months after opening and we had to throw it away. Given what toddlers do with dough though I think having a shelf life of a few months is a good thing. My son has been seen licking his, sticking it in his hair as well as the normal modelling with his hands which will never be completely germ free. I am currently keeping the open new dough in the fridge to see if it keeps better. 

The set as a whole is great with shape cutters, scissors, a modelling tool, 3D mould and plastic eyes to stick in the creations so they look just like the characters. The case is perfect for keeping all the pieces together as well as any other random shape cutters and tools you might have collected over the years.

Available from The Entertainer

a toddler with the Morphle dough set contents on a red table using a green cookie cutter
Tongue out for focus

Tidying up the Morphle dough set
It comes with red dough for Morphle, blue for Mila and green for Orphle

A boy with some Morphle playdoh style toy
After making Morphle and Orphle it must be time to make Mila

Developing dexterity with modelling dough
The soft dough is great for developing strength and dexterity in little hands

Where to watch Morphle

There are a huge number of Morphle videos available on the official YouTube channel and it’s also showing on Tiny Pop weekday evenings.

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