Top Tips For Keeping A Divorce Amicable

Collaborative post by another author. There are many reasons why a couple might choose to divorce and end their partnership rather than keep going. Whatever has happened in the past it is usually a good idea to try to keep the divorce amicable instead of letting it turn bitter and nasty. If you have children in the mix, an amicable divorce will often be best for them, but even if you don’t, keeping things civil can be best for your mental health in this extremely taxing time.

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Get a Prenup

The very first thing you should do should actually take place ages before divorce even crosses your mind. Creating and signing a prenuptial agreement with your partner can be a great idea as it can help both of you to protect assets that you are bringing into the marriage. It can be considered very unromantic to talk about a prenup when you should be planning the more fun aspects of a wedding, but it can make dividing things out that bit simpler if you do happen to divorce later down the line.

Having a prenup has the extra benefit that it means you and your partner should have spoken openly about your financial position before marriage which can lead the way for ongoing transparency about money matters. For a prenup to be considered as legally binding by UK courts it is important that it is fair, both parties received legal advice and it was signed at least 28 days before the wedding.

Find the Right Lawyer

Having the right lawyer on your side is incredibly important in a divorce. With the help of expert divorce lawyers, you should be able to negotiate and fight your side of the proceedings. There might be something that you wish to get out of the divorce, even if you have no desire to be antagonistic towards your former spouse. 

The right lawyer will be key in helping to guide you through this process. They will be able to create a proposal for reasonable suggestions and could help to guide you towards an outcome that works for all involved. They will also work alongside the lawyer that your former spouse hires to ensure that everything is kept as amicable and as reasonable as possible. Never underestimate what a good lawyer will be able to deliver.

Stay Civil

Divorces can come about as the result of poor behaviour on the part of one spouse just as often as they can be because you have grown apart as a couple. However, if you want to keep things as amicable as possible, you need to make sure that you stay civil. Even if there are feelings of resentment there, you need to try and not let them get in the way or divorce proceedings. The emotional process can turn nasty very quickly if one party makes it too personal. 

When you see your former spouse in person, keep things as polite as possible. Watch what you say about them in public, on social media and always around your children. Negative things said in the heat of the moment can cause long lasting consequences including making things harder for your children and for coparenting to be more challenging. 

An amicable divorce is possible for many, regardless of the circumstances in which a divorce was called for. No matter where you might sit, make sure that you do all in your power to keep your divorce as amicable as can be. For your mental health and your emotional wellbeing overall, it can be best to try to keep things as friendly as can be, so that you can both leave the relationship in a positive manner and move forward into the next chapters of your lives. 

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