Review: Britannica Magazine for Fact Loving Children

(AD Gifted) It’s a truth universally acknowledged that children love to share facts. My eldest has a great memory for random bits of information and she is often sharing what she has discovered with us. Britannica has long been a source of reliable information so M was very interested to hear there is now a monthly Britannica Magazine which is a brilliant source of interesting information. Find out what is great about the magazine and use my discount code to get 20% off when your subscribe.

A 10 year old reading the Britannica Magazine on a dark sofa
Checking out the new Britannica Magazine

What is the new Britannica Magazine?

The Britannica Magazine is a monthly drop of knowledge to amaze and fascinate young minds. It is packed full of information that will wow and educate readers. While a few of the articles are excerpts from other Britannica publications, most content is written for the magazine. 

What age is the Britannica Magazine for?

The magazine will be enjoyed by all ages, although the publishers suggests it is suitable from age 7. I think that is because while primarily targeted at children the writing isn’t dummed down and some information will be a bit much for younger children to follow. The April edition for instance covers: a 4 page article on the invention of paper, how to teach adults about Pluto (and persuade us it isn't really a planet) and all about invasive species.

The articles are a real mix of sizes with some pages including just one paragraph of text with graphics, others lots of bitesize bits of information and some articles that are several pages long. Free readers will be able to read most of the magazine on their own, but there will be the occasional words they need help with. Actually there is an occasional word in there that I need help with pronouncing!

Unlike magazines aimed at younger children there are no stickers, but there are lots of bright graphics, jokes, puzzles and quizzes spread through each 52 page magazine which will help keep children engaged.

The Listified page in Britannica Magazine has fact filled lists on different themese
There are so many facts to discover in the Britannica Magazine

The Weird Creatures article has interesting animals and facts about them
Articles range between bitesize information to multi-page stories

A 10 year old girl reading the Britannica Magazine received for review
Facts to make children go "wow" on every page

What’s In The Britannica Magazine?

The topics covered each month are pretty wide ranging and include: space, climate change, animals, music and more. While the exact content will vary each month regular articles include: 

  • Factopia - a double page spread of facts that are all connected to each other (like in the book Factopia).
  • Snap It - Photographs showing amazing captures and interesting facts.
  • Eureka - Information about recent discoveries, inventions and scientific breakthroughs.
  • Listified! - A list of facts on a different theme each month.
  • Fascinating facts about the month.
  • Nobody Knows - A fact that nobody knows, not even the magazine.
  • A timeline on a different topic each time.
  • Absolutely Everything! - Stories taken from Christopher Lloyd's book of the same name.
  • Send It in - a section where they publish photographs and facts sent in by readers.
  • Ask the experts - Readers can send in their questions and Britannica will get an expert to answer.
  • The Big Britannica Quiz.
  • A hands on experiment or recipe.
  • Puzzles & Games.
  • Jokes & Riddles (some of these made me giggle out loud).
  • Lots of different articles. 

The magazine really is stuffed full of information and will keep children busy for ages.

A girl reading a magazine with facts about Shakespeares words
The range of topics in each edition of Britannica Magazine is huge, M loved reading it

Our Review of Britannica Magazine

My eldest loves the magazines we have been sent. We received an introductory issue published in 2021 and the first of the regular editions from April 2022. She particularly enjoyed the Listified! pages and An A to Z of Shakespeare’s new words (to celebrate Shakespeare Day on April 23rd). The pages with short facts were fun for her to read out loud, but when she was in a quieter mood and took the magazines away to read on her own she focused on the longer articles.

M absolutely loves all the facts that she can share from the magazines and I’m pretty sure she has bombarded her teacher with them all at school. I think the mixture between short facts and longer articles is a great mix as there is something to read whatever the attention level. 

If you know someone who would love the Britannica Magazine then you can subscribe now. Save 20% off any subscription plan with my code "Kate20" if used before the end of May. There are options to pay monthly, 6 monthly or for a year's plan. Currently if you sign up to the longer plans you get a free book, but with each subscription you get a printed magazine through your door each month (except in the summer and Christmas where there will be bumper editions to carry you through 2 months) and free access to digital editions. They make a great gift for Tweens who will love getting each new edition through their letter box.

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