Boredom busting gift ideas your kids will love

Boredom Busting Gifts Kids Will Love These Holidays

Collaborative post by another author. There’s no quicker way to disrupt the calm of a household than a bored kiddo. Despite school homework, screen time, play time and family time, they can become bored with surprising ease. Sometimes their play routines and toy collection need a little shake-up to encourage new and exciting play. 

Your kids don’t want to stay bored for long – and you don’t want them to either. It may be time for a new toy, gadget or just something different. Here are some gift ideas to bust your kid’s boredom at any age. 

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For your new babies (newborn – 1 year): sensory play gifts

As new babies are getting to know themselves, their bodies and the world, gifts that can help them on their journey to self and world discovery are ideal. There are so many options to pick from that will help with their development and provide plenty of hours of entertainment. 

Baby gyms and play mats will let your baby play and discover the world around them comfortably and safely. They usually come with a variety of hanging toys to both entertain your baby and allow them to explore their senses on their tummy or back.

As the months go by and your baby’s senses and motor skills develop, you can move on to gifts that they can grasp and play with in their hands. Rattles are great to start off with as they provide the sensory experiences of touch, sound and sight (if they’re decorated), and are durable.

For your toddlers (1-3 years): cause and effect gifts

Once your baby becomes a toddler and they’ve got their senses figured out, the next thing they’ll want to explore is the world around them.

At this age, children start to learn about cause and effect. They press a button, something pops out or makes a sound; they hit a peg with a hammer, it will eventually go through a hole. Once they start learning about cause and effect, they’ll be fascinated by it and will love gifts that let them explore this.

Toddlers also start to realise that objects have functions. They see you talking into a phone, and  want to talk into a toy phone of their own. They see you having a cup of tea or coffee, and want to have a tea party. It’s during this time they start “pretend” playing and begin to figure out the world around them.


For your preschoolers (3-5 years) – role and pretend play gifts

As your little one goes off to preschool, they are making friends, learning in a formal environment and exploring new places. Their imaginations and interests are growing, so they’ll be role and pretend playing a lot more.

Whether it’s a DIY work bench, a kitchen or a supermarket, role play sets provide plenty of entertainment for your little one.

Another form of pretend play is dress ups, which you can do with items around the house, like towels, blankets, aprons, old clothes and accessories, such as hats and scarves.

Role and pretend playing can provide many benefits, such as improving hand-eye coordination and motor skills, enabling the development of problem-solving skills, encouraging imagination and creativity, and improving conversation skills. 


For your big kids (6+ years): hobby gifts

With your little one now a big kid in school, they’ll develop more interests and find hobbies, providing you with plenty of options to keep them entertained.

For your STEM-loving big kid, science kits offer hours of fun and exploration. These can vary from focusing on the solar system, to volcanos, forensics, computing and coding, and even crystal growing. You can also go back to basics and let them harness their own engineering smarts with a Lego kit

If your big kid is more of a nature lover, creeper keepers or bug habitats  help them learn more about butterflies and bugs, while also connecting them with nature.

Alternatively, if your big kid is a budding artist, an art set will definitely keep them entertained for hours on end. Choose a portable set, so they can create their next masterpiece on the go.

One gift your whole family will enjoy is board games. Whether they are classics like Checkers and Chess, or elaborate ones, like Mouse Trap, they teach your big kid patience, and how to strategise, play fair, share, and both lose and win.

 With these gifts, you definitely won’t be hearing your kid saying “I’m bored” anytime soon.


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