Review: Plasticine - Perfect For Creating Easter Models And Animations

(AD - Gifted) This week my daughters have spent hours at the table happily making Easter creations. They were focused, had fun and even worked together as big sister showed little sister how to replicate some of her designs. We were sent a great bundle of Plasticine products and I know they are going to get a lot of use, especially to keep my children busy on wet days. One of the things I love is that because Plasticine doesn’t dry out we can leave the chicks, bunnies and their Easter baskets full of eggs out for us all to enjoy.

Sisters at the dining room table making Easter creations out of Plasticine which was received for review
Creating Easter inspired models with Plasticine

I used to play with Plasticine as a child, but while my children were little we mainly used another brand of modelling dough which is better suited for preschoolers. Plasticine is recommended for age 5 and upwards. While it tends to be a little harder to manipulate when cold it soon warms up and becomes easy to use. I have come across a few ‘plasticine’ products over the years which have been really difficult to soften, but they weren't proper Plasticine. Plasticine is great for modelling and even creating animations.

A 6 year old finishing a purple Plasticine rabbit
Putting finishing touches to a Plasticine rabbit

Older sister making a tree with Easter eggs hidden in it and little sister making an Easter bunny
Making a tree and Easter bunny to join chicks, eggs, baskets and other bunnies

Big sister showing little sister how to make a basket out of Plasticine
Big sister showing little sister how to make an Easter basket

The Plasticine sets come with tools and rolling pins to help make your creations

3 Easy Easter Plasticine Modelling Ideas for Children

Check out the video below for a visual tutorial.

Carrots - A quick, easy and cute design

  1. Take a piece of orange Plasticine and roll it into a ball.
  2. Roll the ball back and forth in your hands with the top of your hands more open than the bottom so the bottom of the carrot is rolled thinner.
  3. Make a small hole in the top of the carrot with a tool.
  4. Take a small bit of green Plasticine and roll it into a stalk or leaf shape.
  5. Push the leaves into the top of the carrot.
  6. Gently mark lines going round the the carrot to give it some texture.

A 6 year old girl in a green t-shirt holding up a carrot she made from Plasticine
Proud of her carrot

Easter chicks - A quick spring chick that's super simple

  1. Cut a piece of yellow plasticine in half, then cut one half in half again.
  2. Take the largest piece and roll it into a ball for the body.
  3. Take one of the smaller pieces and roll that into a ball for the head, place it on top of the body.
  4. With the remaining piece of yellow cut it in four and make two more balls (you don't need the other two pieces). 
  5. Squash the small balls flat into an oval shape and attach on each side of the body as wings.
  6. For the feet take a really small amount of orange plasticine, roll into balls and attach to the bottom of the body.
  7. Take a similar size piece of orange and use your fingers to make it into a triangle for the beak and push it gently onto the face.
  8. For the eyes use a tool to make a small hole where you want them to go.
  9. Take the tool and scrape a small amount of black plasticine off a block and apply it to where you have marked the eyes.

Easter Basket and Eggs - A little more complicated, but still simple to make

For The Basket

  1. Choose a colour for your basket and roll out a long worm shape of Plasticine. 
  2. Wrap the worm round it's self in a circle building up into a basket shape.
  3. You can smooth the edges together slightly on the inside of the basket to help it stay together.
  4. Make two more, slightly thinner, worms in the same colour for your handle, these don’t need to be very long.
  5. Twist the worms together to make the handle then attach the ends to the side of the basket.

For The Easter Eggs

  1. Make small round balls of plasticine.
  2. Roll each ball back and forth gently in your hands to make it egg shape.
  3. Pop it in your basket.
  4. Make more to fill your basket. Try partially mixing 2 colours together for a swirling pattern.

Younger children might find it easier to make chunkier designs and older children smaller, more detailed ones. We also made these Easter bunnies which are a bit more fiddly, but pretty cute.

Close up of a red tool being used to add pink to a rabbit's foot
You can use the tools to add fine details in other colours

Plasticine white Easter bunny, some small orange carrots and a patterned Plasticine Easter egg
A Plasticine Easter bunny, some carrots and a patterned Easter egg

Products In The Plasticine Range We Received

Plasticine Toolz

This is a great set with a good amount of 6 different colours of Plasticine, 4 shaped cutters, a rolling pin and a modelling tool. This means you have everything you need to get started and it comes in handy little plastic case to store it all together. 

A clear plastic case of Plasticine Tool which is open and showing the contents
Plastine Toolz

Plasticine Tower Blox

If your children like to keep all the colours separate then this set is for them. It comes with 10 square pots with Plasticine in, 3 tools, 6 animal shape cutters and 4 basic shape cutters and a background landscape picture. 

The contents of the Plasticine Tower Blox set laid out
Plasticine Tower Blox

Plasticine Uber Tubes

This set is very like the Tower Blog set, but it has 16 colours of Plasticine and there is only the cardboard box to store them in (it has the same background, shapes and tools though).

Plasticine Uber Tubes contents
Plasticine Uber Tubes

Plasticine Fluro 

This is a small set about the size of an A5 envelope. It has 9 colours in it (including fluorescent colours as the name would suggest) and a modelling tool. 

A small Plasticine set with lots of neon colours and a shaping tool
Plasticine Fluro

24 Colour Max

Unsurprisingly this set has 24 colours of Plasticine in. Each block is smaller than in the Uber set, but more than you get in the Fluro set.

Plasticine 24 Colour Max set showing all the different colours
Plasticine 24 Colour Max has lots of different colours

All the sets come with an idea sheet to give you a few ideas to get you started and show you how to make some new colours.

cutting and shaping some purple Plasticine using the tools included in the sets
Creating detail and cutting small pieces of Plasticine using the tools

Plasticine is available to buy from The Plasticine store on Amazon (affiliate link)

A bundle of Plasticine sets
The sets we received to review

How to make an easy easter chick, easter basket and a carrot from Plasticine or other modelling clay like material

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  1. It looks like your girls have had great fun and have made some cracking creations. I used to love Plasticine as a child and always had tubs of it. x


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