Review: T-Racers Mix and Race Collectible Toy Cars

AD My children love the excitement of blind bag collectible toys. There is something so exciting not knowing what’s inside, but after they have ripped them open the appeal often slides. T-Racers though are a toy children are going to want to keep playing with. Each pack in the TR1 Series has paper bags hiding 5 surprises, put them together and you get a car and a racing driver. Ours came from Sainsburys where they are currently on offer (buy 2 save £2) so it’s a great time to start your collection.

opening the t-racers blind bag style toy for boys and girls with a car inside
Rip open the T-Racers blind bags to discover which combination of car you have got

What Are T-Racers Mix & Race Turbo Tuning Teams?

T-Racers are a collectible toy car and driver where you can mix up all the parts. Each wheel shaped cardboard box contains a surprise combination of pieces so you never know what you are going to get. There are 8 different versions for the front of the car, the rear of the car and wheels. The racer and cockpit come in different packages, but they will always match and be one of 8 combinations. Of course each box comes with a guide too so you can see which ones you have got.

Inside the t-racers box showing the 5 coloured packages to be opened and collectors guide
Inside each box there are 5 paper packages to open

A child pointing to the images of the part of the t-racers rear car she has got
Check out which part you have using the T-Racers Collectors Guide

The different pieces click together really easily and can be taken apart so with one set children will play happily, but with multiple sets they can switch all the pieces around making the car of their dreams. Apparently that means there are up to 500 possible car combinations.

There are also 4 ultra rare versions to collect. The bag says Ultra Rare on it so you can spot if you have got one as soon as you open the box. In one of our packs we got Ultra Rare wheels which are pretty cool as they are a shiny gold in the middle. In Series 1 all the Ultra Rare pieces are black, blue and gold, even the racing driver is a super cool dude with a visor (maybe keeping their identity secret like the Stig from Top Gear).

Pushing the rear of the t-racers car on to the cockpit and front
You can click the pieces of the car together really easily, but it stays attached well for play

Showing the Ultra Rare wheels for series 1 t-racers
There is an Ultra Rare version of each part of the car which in Series 1 is black, blue and gold

I often get annoyed with collectible toys because there can be small pieces which get lost or don’t stay on very well. Despite the fact that T-Racers are designed to be assembled by children, and to come apart, they stay together pretty well when being played with. Even the racers stay securely in if you push them into their seat properly.

The attention to detail with the T-Racer cars is pretty cool. Each piece of the car has a totally different design and the racers have a lot of character, my daughter was soon making up adventures for them inspired by the design. Each of the figures is about 5cm tall and is hinged at their hips, elbow and neck. Their hands are positioned in a grip shape so they can be made to hold on to the steering wheels in the car. The steering wheel doesn’t move, but the car wheels do allowing you to send the cars zooming across smooth surfaces.

Checking out the part of the car that she has just opened
All the car parts are totally different and detailed

close up of a child pushing the wheels on to the T-Racer car
Push the wheels on and your T-Racers is ready to zoom off

What Age Are T-Racers for?

The T-Racers Mix & Race Turbo Tuning Teams aren’t suitable for children under 3 due to small parts. I chose these for my 6 year old, but my 3 year old loves to play with them too. I think he could pull the racing figures apart if not careful, but he can mix and match the car parts easily. I would suggest the perfect age for T-Racers is 5 to 7, but they will definitely have wider appeal than that with children older and younger.

4 different combinations of T-Racer series cars assembled for review
There are 8 variations of each part which means you can put the cars together in over 500 variations

Pulling apart T-Racer cars and putting them together in a new combination
Pull apart the cars and swap the pieces around for a whole new design

Where Can You Buy T-Racers from?

At time of publishing Sainsburys have a great deal where you can save £2 if you buy 2 packs of T-Racers. You can also buy them from other supermarkets including ASDA and Tesco and great toy shops like The Entertainer and Smyths. For the next 2 weeks I also have a giveaway running on my Instagram for one lucky winner to get 4 packs of T-Racers, you can enter here (live 10th to 24th April).

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