Is Your Garden Ready For Summer?

Collaborative post by another author. Want to enjoy your garden to it's full this summer? It could be worth doing some preparation now before summer arrives. Below are just a few different ways to get your garden ready for summer. 

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Get your lawn in shape

A patchy or overgrown lawn can be a source of embarrassment for many of us. Consider making lawn maintenance your first priority. An overgrown lawn may simply need mowing in order to get it back in shape - although a seriously overgrown lawn may require extra work. If your lawn is patchy, there are a few things you can do to get it growing. You could consider putting down some more seed - you can shop online for grass seed for lawns, landscaping and more. You could also try aerating your lawn if the earth has become very compact. Adding some fertiliser could also help. 

Trim back unruly plants

Are hedges and shrubs overgrowing every where in your garden? It could be worth spending some time cutting these plants back so that your garden is more presentable for guests. For hedges, you may be able to save time by using a strimmer. Other plants, such as flowering bushes, may need to be more carefully pruned.

Repaint exterior wood

If you’ve got wooden outdoor furniture, wooden fencing, a wooden shed or decking, consider whether this could all benefit from a new lick of paint or vanish. Over time, paint on timber can start to peel. This can make the timber look less attractive. Spend a sunny afternoon repainting all this timber in your garden. You could even take the chance to sand down timber and repaint it a new colour. Spring is a good time to think about garden summerhouses too and whether yours might need to be replaced.

Clean your barbecue

Before you start using your barbecue, make sure that it is clean to use. Grease and charcoal deposits on the grill can cause flare-ups and can also contaminate any food you put on the barbecue. Most barbecues have removable grills - take these off and soak them in your kitchen sink. This should soften up any grease and dirt so that you can then scrub it off with a sponge. 

Tidy your patio

If your patio is covered in dirt and debris, you may want to give it a clean before the summer. A sweep may be all it needs to get rid of this dirt. You could also try jet-washing your patio to get rid of more stubborn dirt (this could make your patio look brand new). The same goes for decking. 

Consider investing in new outdoor furniture

After several years of use, your outdoor furniture may not be in the best condition. This is particularly the case with cheap furniture which is likely not built to last. Rotten wooden furniture, rusty metal furniture and faded brittle plastic furniture should all be disposed of. When it comes to choosing replacement furniture, consider furniture that is durable and likely to last you many more summers. This may involve spending a little bit extra upfront, however you’ll save money by not having to replace it again in a couple years. 

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